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Pics of Bruce & Sheila!

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We haven't even got them yet, but here are our lovely Maine Coons at 6 weeks old.

Attachment 12020

Attachment 12021
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o my what cuties they are for sure

when are u guys getting them?

They are going to be sooo GORGEOUS when they get older, I just love main coones

Congrats on ur new addittions
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Where's the cuteness warning? I think my brain just melted They are absolutely gorgeous, I bet you can't wait to bring them home! I love Sheila's half and half face
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Oh just what i needed to start my day

What a bundle of fun those two are going to be around the house
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they are so cute I bet they stole your They have mine so cute...
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What a couple of cuties they are! You will have your hands full when they arrive!
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Love the names!
What little cutie-pies. I just love Main Coons.
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awwwwwwwwwww those little fuzzy-kins are so CUTE!!!
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They are seriously cute, bet you cant wait til they move in. Congratulations!
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Oh they are lovely!
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At what age will you be getting them? They sure are cutie pies now and I am sure they will even be cuter in the future! Congratulations!
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oh my what a couple of darlings

we wont stop you posting MORE photos of those sweeties
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So very adorable! I just love their coloring.
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OH MY! What a bunch of little muffins!!! (hey, I know it's Susan's word, but I'm stealin' it! )
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absolutely adorable!
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OMG they are gorgeous.
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Bruce and Sheila are now over 9 weeks old! Here's a new photo of each. Bruce looks like a big cat in the making. Only 3 more weeks until we bring them home!

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awww! what lovely little babies!!!!
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