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Ok so u know we have added on in january well Bella was always the mothering type ecspecially to bella and she loved to play, but when I got Stormie fixed i guess bella knew she had surgery and they didnt paly much and then they did and well blue was here around that time and there was no problems or anything, but for some reason she is getting more "clingy" to me but she is also being mean when the other cats are around like if they walk back she growls at them and ecspecially at dinner time, shes always eatin with stormie but now she just bullies them away!! She does play but not much with the other kitties, its very rare when she does and random at that but it does happen every so often, but blue or stormie will be sitting there and bella will walk past them and growl at them but if they are on the bed sleeping she goes and sniffs them and all is fine? Could she be jelous she does get alot of loven (She demands it lol) and well shes my little love bug what can I say but she doesn bath stormie any more but stormies learned from her because stormie baths blue now and is pinning her down to do it too like bella did to her I just dont know what to do with ms bella shes always grrowling thats usual from willie but not bella so idk does anyone have any advice or had this happen, all was well till a few weeks ago and shes moody my mom blames it on her being a calico but it cant be because of her color so i joke around with her calico attitude all the time though but i dont know wat happened she was so good and o she loves to try to get to willie and stufff and he aint haven it, and her and midnight play sometimes but she snaps at him alot to and vice/versa (midnights scared of the females lol) he runs and hides all the time! But where did this behavior come from??