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I need to stop laughing!

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Or I'll wake him up! But Chay is sleeping with one leg on my arm, twitching paws and moving his little lips like he's chasing and eating something good. Its toooo cute, and absolutely hilarious! Don't you love it when the little guys dream?
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Bug does that.
Trouble just complains in his sleep, and Vash purses his lips and sucks thin air lol.
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Awwww, sweet

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lol I got him off my arm, and now he's kicking me with his back feet as he shifts around.

Arlyn - Bug is too cute! I think our two were made for each other.
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I dunno, is Chay a rough and tumble guy?
Bug beats up my boys while playing, makes them cry
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lol He likes to pretend that he is, but in all honesty, he's a big baby. He picks the fights, and his scrawny older brother finishes them!
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How big is Chay now?
Ivory just turned two and was 18 pounds at her last vet visit, her vet isn't convinced she's done growing yet either.
She's just so huge, she dwarfs all the other cats here.
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18 pounds, wow!!!!! She used to be so tiny! Chay is only 12 and a half. He's still going to grow some, but I think Ivory beats him out!
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Her vet is certain she's a ragdoll mix, and probably is, she just has the wrong fur type, which is fine, I like her bunny fur
Her points are still mixed up too
Her mits are seal, but the stockings are chocolate, her body color is light, closer to a chocolate point, and her tail is a blueish chocolate with very faint rings.
I can honestly say I've never seen any pointed cat like her
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Well, then, I think this requires more pictures of her then.
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If I can get her to be still for some, I'll get some up tomorrow.
I think the only recent full body I've got of her is with Jeremy holding her stretched out so you can see her immense size.
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When cats do it, it's so gentle and sweet and lovely. You just want to schnug them because they look so cute - especially the little paw twitches and flutters.

When dogs do it, it's big and loud and they sound traumatised with all the hrumphs and woofs and whimpers and whines that you think that they are dreaming about being chased by lions!! Ruby knocked my cup of coffee out of my hand once during a particularly energetic dream!
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I have to wake Bear when he does it, it breaks my heart to hear him, dogs just sound so abused when they dream.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
I have to wake Bear when he does it, it breaks my heart to hear him, dogs just sound so abused when they dream.
They do! That's exactly the word I was looking for.

We always wake ours, too, if they don't respond to loving calls of "Aww Puppy! Puppy! Wake up, little man/big girl" (depending who it is).

I think it would be almost too much if cats made those noises while they dreamt - only in a cat, it would sound really cute!

(On a side note, Ruby also snores like a trucker. She could put any man I know to shame - its so funny to hear her - unless it's the middle of the night!)
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