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Adjusting well

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As you can see, Clyde has been very patient with Osbourne aka Ozzy. They are doing wonderful together.

When they were done wrestling, they fell asleep like this!

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That's just too sweet for words! I think I'm just gonna melt looking at those pics.

I'm glad they're adjusting to each other so well!
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OMG! Look at Ozzy's little face!

I can't believe they fell asleep like that
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o my such cuties

Those pics are great they are all great and the one of them sleeping is priceless just tooo cute

I am glad everyones adjusting great !!
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NO NO!! Where's the cuteness alert!! That second one especially **gasp** I can't believe how gorgeous that is! What a great photo opportunity!

The first one is priceless - I love Clyde's expression, `MUST you??? **sigh** I guess you're still young and crazy. I remember what that was like....'

And the last one - he's got that mad look around his eyes, hasn't he? What a precious little ball of sunshine!
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Looks like they fell asleep mid wrestle Very cute
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Clyde is a very patient boy - maybe he, too fell in love with little Ozzie's face! But I have a feeling that Ozzie is a little terror!
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That is so CUTE and Ozzy face I want to just nuzzle him all over
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Ozzy is quite the little ball of fluffy terror. Luckily he is still so small we can all just ignore it. He has the typical bursts of kitten "turbo" energy and then sleeps for hours. I love babies
After he has terrorized our feet and the plants, he expects to be left to rest. I woke him for this picture and he wasn't so happy

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They are adorable. I'm hoping to get my Lucky a cute little cuddly toy like that pretty soon.
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ok so he is a very adorable devil furbaby lol
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too much cuteness!! I can't handle it!!! that is such so precious, Clyde is such a good Momma
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Aww... love it when they get along so well!
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Clyde really is a good momma. My boys are worried he has gender issues
He disciplines Ozzy and then cleans him and cuddles with him.
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY View Post

When they were done wrestling, they fell asleep like this!
Oh my god. That is just TOO adorable!!!!!!! What gorgeous kitties, that is the sweetest thing

He has such a handsome face, and it's so wonderful that Clyde is disciplining as well as grooming him. Sigh....
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That second pic is great!
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What adorable pics
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