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Good news bad news

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Well, as some of you might know/remember, I just finished up a 16 week clinical depression study.
I'm diagnosed as having Major Depressive Disorder.
Well, it was a double-blind study so not even my shrink knew what I was on until it was over.
I was on Lexapro, it did nothing for me. that's the bad news.

The good news was that I had my 15 minute visit with my shrink this morning and he is rushing me through screening to get me into a different study they are running.
He has much higher expectations with this study and in anxious to get me in it.
So I go back next week for a 2.5 hour initial visit (Initial for this study).
Not looking forward to fasting 12 hours, but they have to get baselines on me again.

These long visits mean, MD visit, 2 different shrink evals, a full lab work up and a teleconference with yet another shrink, fun stuff.

Anyway, here's hoping this study might find me a (free!) drug that will actually work for me.
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Good luck! Are they doing the studies because you've tried everything, or because you can get money? It seems to me that you should just worry about yourself and get treatment and not worry about the extra stress of being in a clinical trial, but that's just me. Of course, you probably would too, so I'm guessing you've tried nearly everything... but I only wondered because it sounds like this diagnosis is new for you.

*hugs* I've been there... took me a years to get out of it, and I'm still not like I used to be. Hopefully they'll find a miracle drug... and if they do, tell me what it is!
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I'm doing the studies because I hope to get some help, I'm poor
If we can find a drug and dose that works for me, my mother can get it cheaper in Mexico.

It is an added bonus that I get paid for particpation, but it's only stipends, $50 per clinic visit is the average. Considering how far Salt Lake City is from me, that pretty much covers gas with a little extra.
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HUG i hope they find something that works for you. dealing with depression is not a very easy thing to do . Try to take care of yourself first maybe vs being a test subject?

the doc been trying to put me on anti depression drugs for over a year but i wont take them.
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I've been suffering with this since 2001, it's taking it's toll on every aspect of my life, not the least of which is insomnia and severe weight gain to the point of gross obesity.

I'd love to be working again, but that is not something I can currently handle on a sporadic sleep schedule of two hours here, two hours there, sixteen hours over here.
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i went up to about 400 pounds after breaking my back and mother passed away.
dealing with depression is not easy at all. There were and still are times, i just want to get home to my cats, and my games. its been a pain trying to lose the weight with out being able to do more then swimming.

if you think the trial stuff is good for you, then give it a shot,
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I hope you get in the group that actually has you on a medication and not a placebo.

I was diagnosed with depression in 2002 or 2003 and have been on Celexa for it. I take 30mg everyday and it seems to work well.

Recently I found out that my Vitamin D levels were really low and a side effect of low Vitamin D is depression (along with other things). I've been taking prescription does of Vitamin D since mid December and I'm noticing an improvement in my moods too. My doctor has hopes that with a normal vitamin D level that I may be able to be weened off of the Celexa in time.

It may not be an issue with you, but I would suggest that you get your doctor to do a Vitamin D level on you to see if that may also be part of your problem.
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Just getting out of the house for the clinical visits does me good
Sorry to hear about your mother and your back, that must've been really, really hard on you.

I know if it wasn't my my old dog and his slow walks, I'd be much bigger than I am now.

I actually take a calicium and Vit D supplement now as I'm not a milk person.
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Best of luck and vibes. I really hope you find something that works. While never considered major, I've been depressed many times, and even just in small doses it really affects you, so I hope you get better soon!
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Good luck with this new trial. I applaud you for exploring other avenues to get treatment. That in itself is a huge step forward.
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Good luck in this next round of clinical trials. I hope the right drug is found to help your depression.
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Arlyn, it is wonderful that you are tackling your depression head-on! I sincerely hope this new study works and that doctors link you up with the right medication for YOU!
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I was in a Seasonal Affective Disorder clinical study at University of Michigan in the early '90's. That was back when Prozac was the drug of choice for treating depression. It worked wonders for me, and I've used it most winters since then. I've tried so many different antidepressants that I've actually lost count. Prozac is still the one that works the best for me. I sure hope that you find the one that works for you. Once you do, the entire world changes for the better. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!

Pookie & the girls
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I dont know anything about depression, but I wanted to offer my best wishes for a positive solution that helps you through
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Just a thought, as you mentioned severe weight gain:
have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? Apparently thyroid issues can cause depression and as well as an increase in weight.

Don't know if that helps you out any, but it's something to consider. I was treated for depression for years and was told that it "couldn't" be my thyroid because I was too young/not overweight, but a blood test finally proved my doctors wrong. Maybe it's something to look into, though it likely won't solve your depression, it could help to make things a bit better.

Hope things go well for you. Please let us know how your new study goes.
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They actually do full blood panels when they get baselines, thyroid problems is one of the things that disqualifies you for the studies, as do a few other medical conditions.
One of the first things they checked was my thyroid levels as I do have a family history.
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