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Melody almost died yesterday!!!!!

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I took Melody in yesterday to work with me to sedate her and clean up the horrible acne on her chin. I had to sedate her because she can be difficult to work with and the acne went pretty deep and I wanted to make sure we got a clean start again. Everything went fine with the sedation and procedure and she was only under for 30 minutes. After waking her up and pulling her trach tube she was sitting up and swallowing. I looked back a minute later in her cage and she was completely greyish/blue and almost comatose. I was scared out of my mind, I could not think of what I was supposed to do to help her, so I screamed for a doctor to come help me. We got her back to breathing and she has recovered and is ok now, but what a scare! Has anyone else ever heard of this happening?? The doctor and I are still not sure what happened, but I have never been soo scared of losing her yet, and she has been through alot! Only having one kidney and herpes, on top of chronic pancreatitis-she has been through alot, but nothing this scary! Any ideas as well as to what may have happened??
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Oh my gosh, I'm so glad you noticed in time and were able to save her! Is it possible the trach tube caused some kind of damage that made her airway spasm and close up temporarily? Or could she have bled a little in her throat from it, enough to clot and block her airway until you started working on her and it slipped on down?

You must have been so scared. I hope you feel better now... and please give your pretty Melody a snuggle from me.
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How frightening. I'm glad you were able to catch it in time. She may have had a delayed reaction to the sedative. We have to be careful with Much because she always is hard to sedate and takes a long time to come out from under it.
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What a scary experience! I don't know what might have happened but I'm very glad that she is doing ok now.
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That is scary! I wonder if she had trouble shaking off the effects of the anasthesia, since she only has one kidney. I don't understand everything about that, but I thought that less than optimum kidney function made anasthesia more risky.
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Melosy is doing well today and I talked to her vet about what may have happened. The only thing we could come up with was that she was not as awake as I thought she was and or her muscles spasmed and therefore caused her to stop breathing. With only 1 kidney though, it is uncertain how her body processes anesthesia, and that could be a cause too. I guess we will never know what happened only that we are thankful that she is still here with us and that she did not turn into the Pet Sematary cat like in the movies. We have also determined that she is not to be sedated for anything unless absolutely necessary, to avoid this in the future. I am not sure how we will get rid of her acne, but we will have to find another way around it. Thanks for all the good thoughts-we both appreciate them!
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Wow!! How very scary!! I am so glad you noticed her in time. I dont know what happened, but am so glad to hear shes ok!!
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I hope you are aware that the acne is caused by using plastic place mats and plastic dishes with her food? He acne can be easily prevented by using ceramic dishes and natural fiber matts. Removal of those things worked for me, and when I get a new cat that has it, it is gone in a month or so, because I don't use those things.
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I only use ceramic dishes and they have no place matts. I feed them on a carpeted area that I vaccuum every other day. I am thinking that the acne may be related to a food allergy of some sort, and since we just switched foods, I will see if my theory is correct. Ever since she came back from the dead I have to say she is a much nicer kitty! She will even let me do things to her that would normally have her ripping my face off, we will have to see. All I know is I am glad that she is still here with us.
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I'm glad she is all right too. Does she wear a plastic collar? Any other plastic around her that could be suspect?

It is funny how grateful they are when they return from the vet. FAng was soooo loving when I brought him back from having his teeth cleaned two weeks ago. Now he is back to his old self. Still sweet, but nothing like before. I think they realize they have it pretty darn good.
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Originally Posted by gailuvscats View Post
I'm glad she is all right too. Does she wear a plastic collar? Any other plastic around her that could be suspect?
She does not wear a collar unless we are going out of town, and she really has no other plastic anywhere around her except for toys and she really does not play with toys. I think it is probably a food issue, and we are working on that. Glad to hear your kitty is doing well too!
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I'm so glad Melody is doing OK. I can't even imagine how frightening that was!!! If that happened to one of my cats, I don't think I'd ever let them be anesthetized either. Katy has HCM, and has a tooth that needs to come out. I'm scared to death to have her put under, but it's finally gotten to the point where I'm not going to have any choice.
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