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Heartbreaking Story...

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I was looking into Newspaper archives and came across this heartbreaking story. Mindy finally found a loving person to care for her. But in the end, she needed another new home. Poor kitty I wish I could take her. Her story is below.

Mindy (below), a cross between a Siamese and an Abyssinian,has spent most of her life in a cage.

Fearful feline needs home

It’s no wonder Mindy the cat is traumatized. The seven-year-old registered occicat, a special breed that is a cross between Siamese and Abyssinian, spent most of her seven years in a tiny cage, forced to have litter after litter of kittens in a Burnaby kitten mill until she was rescued in 1999.

When the illegal breeding mill was discovered, Mindy was living with 38 other cats and kittens. A local veterinarian farmed the cats out to other vets and shelters and eventually Mindy found a home with Lois Vicens, a senior who lives in a subsidized housing complex in Gastown. Mindy gobbled the food offered, but it was months before the fearful feline allowed her new owner to pet her.

Vicens was sure pets were allowed in her housing complex, since the woman downstairs owned a small dog. What she didn’t know was that the woman was locked in a battle with the building’s managers over the dog and eventually had to move out. In December, 15 months after Mindy came to stay, the managers discovered the cat. "I made the big mistake of ordering some kitty litter to be delivered," said Vicens, who doesn’t own a car. "When I went to pick it up in the rotunda, someone saw me and complained."

After she was told to get rid of Mindy by March 1 or lose the apartment, Vicens contacted Powerpets of B.C., an agency that lobbies for pets to have access to accommodation and transportation.

She said Powerpets encouraged her to take legal action, but she was sidelined by a lengthy illness in January. Instead, she worked to find a home for Mindy. Last week, a couple in their 30s agreed to take her, and Vicens taxied to their house for an interview and inspection.

"It looked okay, so I agreed to let her go," she said. "I packed up all her toys and dishes and said my good-byes."

That night, she received an angry phone call from the woman saying that Mindy had bit her husband when he tried to pull the cat from her hiding spot. Vicens explained that the cat was fearful and traumatized by the move.

"I told them, ‘Leave her alone for two weeks and she’ll come around.’"

Instead, the next day, the woman left a message that she was taking the cat to a vet to be put to sleep after a second biting incident. "I grabbed the phone book and called every vet in town but she wasn’t there. Finally my vet suggested I call the SPCA. I did and she was there."

Vicens raced down to the shelter and paid $30 to rescue Mindy again. "The SPCA offered to waive the fee," she said. "But I paid it anyway because I was so relieved to have her back safely."

She said Mindy was in rough shape by the time she got home, but is recovering from her ordeal. Unfortunately Vicens is back to square one and now has a week to find her cat a new home.
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WOOPS!!!!!!!!!! I moved this here by accident, so I am moving it back to the Cat Lounge where it was originally posted. SORRY!!! Its early:tounge2:
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Mindy will be in my thoughts. I hope this can have a happy ending.
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If I was the lady, I would be fighting to keep the cat. I hope that things work out for Mindy.

The apartment that I live in does not allow animals, so I had to take an alternate route to get to have Kiki.

A lady that works for a local no kill shelter for cats and dogs helped me out. She told me to get a doctor to write a letter informing my landlord that I suffered from depression and that the cat was necessary in helping the depression. The lady said that it would hold up in court. My doctor did it for me, since I do suffer from slight seasonal depression. There was no question about it. My landlord has the letter in my file and everything is great.
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I can old salute Lois Vicens for her dedication. If only there were more people like her. Sending best wishes occross the sea, hoping that Mindy will find a patient and loving owner soon.:flash:
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Oh this is so very very sad!!! I swear if I was rich, I would rescue every cat that needed a home and personally fly to where ever this cat is and bring it to my home!!! Where is this cat from, by the way? I wish there was a way we could find out what happens to it!!!! Is there any way you can find out??????
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Poor Mindy! It's so hard trying to find good homes for cats that are shy. We had a similar case at the clinic with a Maine Coon cat named Tigger. Tigger's owner just had a baby and he began peeing around the house. The woman's husband told her to get rid of the cat and she planned to put him to sleep. Instead she called our office and asked if we could put him up for adoption and we agreed.

Tigger was EXTREMELY shy and it took us two months before we could pet him but once he warmed up to us he was so lovable and had such a sweet personality. It was hard trying to find him a home since no one wanted a cat that would take as long as it did for us to come around but finally we had this little old man who was interested in him and Tigger seemed to like him as well.

We had explained to the man about Tigger and how shy he was and that he would take some time to get comfortable. The man seemed ok with that and off Tigger went to his new home. The next day the man brought him back because after Tigger went into hiding under the man's bed, he tried to get him out resulting in Tigger biting him.

Some of the techs were talking about putting him to sleep which I was totally not standing for since he was a wonderful cat but he needed the right person. As time went on things looked worse for Tigger and the option of putting him down became even more of a reality. Fortunatly one of our long time clients wanted to adopt him because she needed a barn cat so we let him go.

I hated to see Tigger go and become a barn cat because what he really needed was a warm lap but it was that or be put down. What really saddens me is that Tigger vanished after the woman let him out. I just hope that he is ok and I know it's wishful thinking but I hope that someone found him and gave him a good home.

I really hope for Mindy's sake that her owner can find her a home that understands her needs or even better that her owner can find a way to keep her. Is there a way you can find out what happens to Mindy?
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Oh gosh....I should know better than to read this stuff....now I am crying about Tigger too!! Maybe my heart is just too soft....but that is so sad that he vanished after she took him home...and the part about him really needing a warm lap....I just feel so bad for all the cats in the world who need good homes. I wish I could win the lottery and take them all in!!!
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I can only echo what Debbie said. Both stories are terribly sad. Jessica, you and the people you work with did the best you could. It's a shame we can't help all the cats in need, as Debby said, but it's impossible. So sad.
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Mindy is from a Ocicat Mill in Burnaby,BC. I live very close to Burnaby and I would take her if I didn't have so many cats! I will try and get more information about the story and try and find out how she's doing!
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I would really appreciate that if you could let us know...I am going to worry about her....her story is so sad. Poor thing.
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Oh my goodness...I also agree with the others who've responded. I feel terrible for poor Mindy and Tigger, too. I will be putting out prayers for these two unfortunate felines. I thought Nicki had a great idea - would it be possible for the present owner to get a note from her doctor? Maybe then her landlord would allow her to keep Mindy. Whatever works - and lots of older people can benefit from the companionship of a loving pet. (Not that the rest of us don't as well). A lot of people suffer from seasonal depression as well. I say whatever works. I'm pulling for her.

I'll be looking forward to hearing something good about Mindy. I also hope that Tigger has found a way to live happily someplace safe.

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