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Love to Lilly

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Dear Lilly,

I remember two years ago today how shy and scared you were in a strange new place with new people and things. Before us your life had been a whirlwind of terror living as a stray. We don't know much about your past, but we do know your sad look in that Petsmart cage won your mommy over and she just had to have you. Daddy wasn't willing at first, but with time he too began to see your sweetness and let us take you home.

Over time you learned it was ok not to hide under the bed and you began to make our bedroom your new home. you slept with mommy every night next to her pillow and took the name "Lillow Pillow" with grace and dignity. We'll never forget the day 5 months after living with us when you felt safe enough to venture out of the bedroom. Leaps and bounds of trust were broken that day and we knew you loved us then.

Ebony although she may not show it misses you I am sure. You took her torturing you so well. She loved to pretend to give you kisses and then smack you right in the head. I know you probably didn't find it very funny, but you never once hit back, hiss, or bit your younger sister. You were always so even tempered.

These past 3 weeks have been the hardest on your mommy. What she thought was a routine teeth checkup turned out to be the worst news she could get. Cancer. Advanced Cancer that couldn't be healed. All we wanted to do was to make you better. We tried our hardest. We fought the fight. YOU fought the hardest. But the cancer won in the end.

We hope you understand that ending your pain was the best thing to do. We hope you jumped over that RB and made lots of friends right away. Mommy will miss your pacing the couch and continually giving headbutts to anyone in your path. She'll miss not having you next to her pillow tonight. But she knows you are in a better place. We'll be hanging up the picture your grand-mommy painted of you very soon so we'll always remember the special place you had in our hearts.

Rest well my sweet Lilly girl. We love you so much.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Lilly sounds like she was very special. What a wonderful tribute to your girl.
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Awww Beryl, that was a wonderful tribute to Beryl. It seems like just the other day I remember you bringing her home and then stressing about her hiding. I'm sorry that she's gone but I know you made the right decision and she's at peace now, looking down on you all.
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Sending my very deepest sympathies to you, Beryl; if I could, I'd give you a big hug. It sounds as if Lilly had a truly wonderful life with your family. I know what an emptiness you're feeling now. You gave us a lovely tribute to your dear Lilly. Please take comfort in knowing you did what was best for her. I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
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It breaks my heart to hear about your sweet Lilly. I'm so sorry.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in peace, Lilly. You will be missed.
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I'm so very sorry that Lilly had to go through this. You've given her the best possible gifts though, a warm safe home, all the love in your heart and finally the gift of letting her go when it was time.
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I am sorry for your loss, but I know that Lilly is over at the Bridge and she is not sick and suffering any more.

I am sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you.

RIP Lilly
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Such a beautiful tribute for a beautiful girl

RIP Lilly, play happily over the Rainbow Bridge. Davidson is up there waiting to play
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of your beautiful Lilly. I know there are no words to take away your pain. Just know that I am thinking of you and Lilly today.
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Your wonderful words and thoughts will fly high to Lilly and she will send you some extra purrs

RIP Sweet Lilly, there are some other special kitties that will guide and love you now
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I'm so sorry to hear this. As hard as it is to let go and say goodbye, know that you did all you could for this sweet baby, she was much loved, and isn't suffering.

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Beryl, that was such a beautiful and loving tribute to your sweet girl . She doesn't have to fight any more and can now play and run and live at the RB in peace. You absolutely did the right thing for your sweet girl and there is no doubt in my mind that she is looking down on you now, purring and sending headbutts your way. I hope this helps with your pain- you gave your kitty the ultimate gift of compassion and love .
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That was beautiful.
So sorry this had to happen to such a sweet girl.
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That's such a beautiful tribute to your sweet girl. RIP Lilly.
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All we can ask of our lives, feline or human, is to be remembered with such love as you've expressed for Lilly. Blessings and peace of mind to you all...
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What a wonderful tribute to your sweet girl Lilly. Sending strong vibes that you and your entire family will heal over your loss.

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I'm very sorry for your great loss.
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Awww Beryl that was so lovely

I hope your having a wonderful time at the bridge Lilly, but remember to keep looking down on your mum and dad

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RIP sweet Lilly..Play happily with all of the other RB babies..
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I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful little Lilly! You is cancer & pain free now, playing happily over the rainbow bridge.
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What a beautiful tribute to your sweet girl Lily! Rest peacefully honey and play happily over the bridge!
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Lilly sounds like a special girl. She goes to the Rainbow Bridge with alot of love to have until she sees you again. I know she is looking down returning that love and running healthy and free.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful.

RIP Lilly
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Rest in peace Lilly, play happily over the Rainbow Bridge
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What a beautiful tribute to your beatiful girl. I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I read your earlier post and was so hoping you would have more time with her. The portrait your mom painted is magnificent and such a special keepsake of your Lilly.

Conforting vibes coming your way in this time of loss.

Run free at the RB Lilly, my Lily Belle is there and will greet you with love.
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Aww Beryl, I can't believe she's gone. I remember so well when you got her, and how you worried when she hid under the bed for so long.

You wrote a beautiful tribute for your girl who was taken far too soon.
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I am sorry for your loss. Your sweet baby is over the bridge and free from pain.

RIP Lilly
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Oh! That tribute was lovely. Just know your angel girl is no longer suffering and you did all you could to save her.

Shes now an angel watching over you.
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Thank you everyone. hearing all your comments makes me rest alot easier I feel good knowing Lilly is now in a much better place.
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