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I've bought laser pointers at the dollar store. They are the small key chain type and come with batteries. It costs more to buy new batteries then it does to buy a whole new pointer there.

I think the interest in toys is relative to how much they see them. I have baskets of toys that I rotate.

Da Bird is a big one for my cats. They like the string with no bird best, lol. I have one girl who has a string with a beaded chain on one end as her fav. She drags it around looking for anyone to play with her. Then I have a girl who goes wild for the plastic wand end of a toy. She won't play with the toy end but drag the handle around and she can't resist.

Those cheap strings of beads (Mardi Gras) the smallest ones that are molded to the string. Cut it and drag that across the floor and everyone goes wild. I have a boy who chews them so I keep them away from him.

Then there are the little 1" spike rubber balls. I roll those across the house and off they go after them. I get them from the party store in the grab bag gift section.

A marble works well too as long as you know they won't put it in their mouth. Mine love to bat it across the floor.

I was using the mylar crinkle balls with my kittens and noticed as they grew up they felt compelled to chew plastic. So I got rid of them and I'm going to see if future kittens develop the same interest in plastic.
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We got Milli a little fluffly toy thingie from the pet store, she loves it.
now all her other toys lay untouched.
Oh and a ball with a bell inside, but that keeps going under the bed. For now it can stay there.
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my cats are total opposites when it comes to toys. Dexter will only play with small balls made of fur, or now I got him playing with balls made of yarn. It's funny because he doesn't want anyone to know he's playing, if you look at him he'll stop, then start again if he thinks your not watching him. Too funny, I laugh so much!!

Jack is a mouse FREAK, he has so many and loses them all under the stove. Then he meows and meows until I get them out of there. He will only play with the mice that have the rattle to them though. He also loves twist ties, goes crazy for them. They both like the laser pointer, and they play with each other all the time. It sounds like a heard of elephants the was they run back and forth all the time.

they have fun, and usually it's when I'm in bed so they can wake me up! LOL

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my cat likes to play with a small toy cat with a bell on it, it has a hint of catnip on it and she goes crazy for that, she also have two teddies, a hamster and a little teddy bear she likes to roll around the room, she also likes to play with my wiistrap from my nintendo wii, that's her favorite
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