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kittens...... but

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i just was wondering after a cat delivers, if it was unheard of her being pregnant the next day..... is it possible that they can deliver the next day as well? the reason i ask is cause my cat still looks like she may still have another kitten in there, if its not common what do i do or should i be concerned..... help
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I think it would be a very wise idea to get her to be checked out by a vet. She may need a C-Section to get the last one out. Just remember that if the vet does do a c-section, he can also spay her while he is in there!
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Yes it is - depends on when she started the first day. But if you think there might be another, you should call your vet. A retained kitten can poison her system if she doesn't deliver it.
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Please let us know an update. I also feel you should call the vet it is actually a great rule of thumb because us here can not feel her belly to know if there is another in there. Hope all is well.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

Sorry, I just now found this thread...

My answer would be yes, it is possible to have protracted deliveries BUT if she hasn't delivered after 24 hours and you still think there's another in there then the best thing to do is to get all of them (mom and babies) to the vet asap.
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I wonder what has happend Can you update us please.
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maybe she has a sencond litter in there

and was bred at two different times or soemthing

you probabley want to get her checked out.

if you do brign the kittens to so he/she can take a look at them too.
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