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Is other Cat ok

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I am worried about my other cat, yes I realize I get very paranoid, but i lost my other kitty about three weeks almost a month ago, or rather a month, he had been not quite a year and died of a heart problem (attack) very suddenly, like fine one day and then gone in a matter of minutes. I never got an necropsy done, but now I am worried about the one he left behinnd, could the one he left behind have FIP. He was tested for it when he was a kitten (both were strays) but is it possible he could have contracted a strange diease that killed his brother. Both cats had check ups a few months prior with no problems, but his adopteed brother, Id on't think had been tested. I will call the vet tomorrow andd schedule an exam and blood tests to make sure he is fine.

But does FIP cause sudden heart attacks? The vet said it seemed like his heart was very enlarged ( he was dead by the time we got there)...and yes it is still hard to talk about.
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The test for FIP is not accurate. I would not trust it at all... I work at a vets office and have seen cats who CLEARLY had the disease and the test still came back negative.
I have never heard of it causing an enlarged heart, not to say it doesn't. The most common signs of FIP are, a very high fever, upper respiratory infections, and free fluid in the body cavities.
AS for the enlarged heart, the most common things it could be are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or heartworms. Both of which can cause sudden death in the affected cat...
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I would think that it is more likely the Rainbow Bridge cat had a heart defect from birth that resulted in his early passing.
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I hope you get it all sorted. I just wanted to say that must have been awful for you and fully understand it must be sooo hard for you. Sorry cannot advise you but I am thinking of you.


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