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we only recently became aware of yet another hoarder case in pike county. (the last was the one with approx 100 horses)

this one involves dogs and rescuers had been going there since end of jan.

Thursday when another rescuer went along, cats were sighted -10-11 outside (unknown # inside a trailer) and now we are trying to get someone out there to assess the situation and hopefully remove one cat to take to vet for testing (combo-fip/panleuk/distemper) or any that are in dire stress.

there is no animal control in Pike county.

so the situation may be as the resident says, people bring the loose or unwanted animals to her rather than see them get shot.

there are also goats and rabbits.

thank you Susan for noticing the hoarder thread on another forum and alerting us all to the situation. hopefully now the cats willl have a chance.

so far with 16 adults and 4 kittens out, it is costing us $80/day to board them all---the newest group has all tested negative so we need help xposting to find local rescues to come take them in. the cats are at Christine Greene's kennels in griffin. please email me if you can help with xposting.

the white cats' eyes are horrible but thankfully they all tested negative for felv and fiv.

after being cooped up in those cramped airless cages these cats deserve another chance.