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Storm Cloud Update! :)

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All - this is nothing short of spectacular! Storm came to me, as a semi feral kitten. He had been box trained, but wasn't 100 percent social with humans. He was won't to meow behind the kitchen door at Carradoc Halls to get food - hidden in the shrubs. So someone perhaps had been taking care of him...

Then I got him into the carrier - and he escaped as I transported him to my house, during the icy storm. He spent 11 days in the sewers near my house sheltering from the storms and ice and cold...and at last I trapped him!!

In he came. In 2 days he was settled and coming out to me from under the bed. 3 wks later he had his neuter surgery. He was just about 4-6 months old!! That was last week. He had a worming 2 days after surgery and
at that time got sick. Refused to eat. i fed him babyfood with a syringe
and hot broth. He finally came round 2 days later and started devouring babyfood from my fingers, and also on his plate. But no wet cat food...

So we are now feeding him babyfood and wet, and transitioning him back to cat food, LOL! \\

Meantime, he has become social with my cats (nose touching a few hisses, no puffy tails or claws out) has chased and been chased (play I think, since he makes a murrrp noise when they do this) by the young cats... He sleeps in the basement and stays there mostly, but comes up when I am around.

He LOOVES TV, esp the animal channel.. watches that like its pure entertainment...He purrs when I pick him up, allows my SO to play with him.

The only vestiges of his feraldom are that he is skittish round feet, and sudden movements or people standing up scare him...other than that he is a purrrrfect young cat awaiting a home where he can play and love and be petted (he loves laps and lap petting...)

So, all please send vibes to me and prayers for finding a good home (not mine!) Cupid the 7 year old I rescued is in line ahead of my grey guy, so if we can just find Cupid a home... (he's a lovely black n white maine coon style cat who just is as mellow as can be, except he wants to be top/only cat) and who gives purring loving sessions... as sweet as his name!!)
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Storm Cloud made it outside! I knew he was watching the other cats using the pet door, but he was still shy of doors, so I figured all was well. Not so!

Little stinker went out the pet door! He's been *learning* by watching the others. he's okay now with the dishwasher (still hates the vaccume) and the dish noises.. running water, check. Bathroom/tub, check...

Now its time to add pet door, check!

I wasn't happy, so I close off the door when he's up now.

I did let him wander and sniff yard and deck a bit before capturing him and taking inside. Today has been unusually warm, and I'm sure that's why he wanted out in part. But I do want him to be assured if he escapes that he knows the smells of my yard/gate area, so he may find his way back and/or not stray in the first place. I think it prudent in a small way.

I never want to have to use a trap again to try and catch him!! Anyway for now its firmly in side he stays..

I have my fingers crossed the vet can take him soon. I will be sooo happy when that happens!! Prayers and vibes that my Cupid (at vets) gets a home, so the Storm Cloud and take his cage in the display area???

Thanks all! Oh, and the traps cleaned and ready to use this weekend. Trapping vibes please, wanna catch my 3 other kittens BEFORE we
get a breeding pool going..

Cheers to all, and many hugs and thanks for the good wishes everyone sent before!
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Hopefully you can get the other 3 caught! I'm glad Storm Cloud is settling in. It's nice to know that he's smart enough & comfortable enough to get through the kitty door.
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