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Pushy Salesmen!!

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OK, I have worked in sales before and I know the difference between being an aggressive salesman and a *pushy* salesman. I stopped at a furniture store in town earlier and this one particular salesman followed me EVERYWHERE. He was actually so hot on my heels that he literally stepped on the back of my foot!! I politely told him that he was invading my personal space and that I was finished shopping now.

Anyone have similar experiences with these "stalker" salesmen??
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YESSS!!!! There is one chain of Furnitures stores I will NOT go in without cussing out the sales man.

They have their clearance center in the back and last time I was there the sales man followed me all the way to the back "reassuring me" that he's there to help.

Pul-eeze, if I'm old enough to buy furniture at LEAST let me look at it.
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Oh boy, does that kind of thing turn me off. I'll tell them once that I'm fine and I'll look for them if I have any questions..........if they keep bothering me, I tell them no thanks and leave.......I understand that sales people, that's how they make they're living, but if I feel your pushing me, I push back by leaving.........
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Dude! I've never encountered a salesperson that pushy ("stalker" is a great way to describe it), but that sounds like a very uncomfortable situation. Is he that desperate to make a sale that he'd risk a restraining order?!?!
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Yup, there is one particular national chain store that sells appliances and such. I HATE even walking in there. They all stand at the ends of the aisles like vultures. Some of them may really know the latest on the models and all, but I simply refuse to shop there (much to Earl's dismay - he apparently doesn't mind the vultures). Even their appliance outlet store is the same way! And you can avoid eye contact with them at all costs, and they will still follow you around like vultures waiting to feed.
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My parents and I went looking for couches a few weeks ago and this salesman stopped us at the entry way and started telling us EVERYTHING about the store. We had to start walking away... and sure enough, just like in your case, he was following us all over the store!

Seriously... it's not like we're going steal anything and obviously if we want to buy something, we'll ask for help! Sheesh!
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I went shopping for an electric blanket our first winter in our new apartment, because I was freezing. The saleslady followed me around, offering "suggestions" on what I should get. I already knew what I wanted: I wanted a blanket for one person, something I could carry around with me (and an extension cord) if I really wanted to, and not something big or bulky. She thought I'd really be happier if I went with the king-sized blanket, because then I could share it with my fiance (my fiance, who sleeps under a single sheet -- at most -- and happily churns out 60,000 BTUs at night), and was actually quite put out when I re-stated my wishes. I ended up buying the blanket I wanted, of course, but she acted like it was a personal insult or something that I didn't take her suggestions. Her words: "Oh, the king-sized one has dual controls, so he could turn his side off if he wasn't going to use it." My words: "He's never going to use it, so why would I spend the extra money for it?"

Almost as annoying, but certainly more rare, is the absent salesperson. I walked into a high end clothing store and had a total Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment: not a single salesperson would even acknowledge my existence. I had to go to the counter and ding the little bell before anyone would come to help me (and it's not like they were busy!), and even then it was like talking to me was the most painful part of their day. I realize I'm not stylish and my wardrobe doesn't scream "multimillionaire," but I'm one half of a DINK (double-income no kids) couple and I most definitely have spending power. Those totally lost a sale that day ... and they do work on commission.
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You know, I remember that from my mall days. One store I worked at wasn't based on commission, but the amount that we sold per we had to just nudge, but not push.

Anyways, I quickly learned that the people that looked like a million bucks would walk out with only the free samples. The people that came in right off the street were the ones that SPENT. Took a while for my other associates to pick up on that.
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I cant stand pushy sales men. and if they wont leave me alone. I walk right on out...
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Yes, today! I was shopping for a pair of shoes for this weekend and this one saleslady kept closer to me then my shadow! My Mom had asked her to help me IF I NEEDED HELP, which I didn't, but Mom didn't ask the woman to sew herself to me! Usually I have fun shopping for shoes, but I certainly didn't today because of that one woman!
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The last time I went shopping for furniture ( it was to replace my house with all new after my house fire, so lots of furniture.) I made it a point to tell the "salesperson" right up front at the doors, if you follow me around, I am sure that another company could use my bussiness. I assured them that if I decided to purchase something, that I would come and find them..they all stayed away..
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I have the opposite problem...they ignore me because I look like I don't have money I don't much care but it sucks being judged like that..Maybe I have $4000 in my pocket, they don't know.
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The best story I heard about proving stupid salespeople wrong about looks was with Scotty Hill from Skid Row. They obviously made a lot of money from their first album, and he wanted a new car. But when he went in to look, he purposely didn't shower, wore sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt, long scraggly hair in a ponytail and a baseball cap. Most of the salesmen ignored him, and he went to a couple dealerships before someone actually treated him nicely. He purchased a brand new Corvette from him - in cash!
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Yeap! Went into a store a few months ago to look at area rugs and the salesman kept trying to get me to buy a $4000 area rug! No way!
I walked out!

What makes me even more mad is when they treat me like I don't have money

DH and I went into a local high end electronics store about 3 years ago looking for a new TV.
The guy would barely answer my questions. I ended up NOT buying the tv there but I did try to buy an adapter for the PS2. When I went to pay, I pulled out CASH (around $5800 in $100 from my income tax ) and flaunted the fact that I only had $100's. Then I re-read the sign out load over the register that said "We Need $20's.. " The adapter was $14.99.. I said "Well, I guess they don't have change.. Wonder why?" Laid the adapter down, and walked out"
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couple of my friends say they love to go shopping with me around xmas times, cause of the way i abuse the sales people. I dont see it that way. Once they ask can i help you. If i say no i am just looking, and they keep talking for following, I will turn and tell them to GO away. Once i even had to tell the guy look go stand over there, if i want i will call. you.
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Usually I walk into stores looking like I am on a mission and the salespeople seem to acknowledge that. If its a higher ticket item I have done research and know what I want-so don't bother me!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have the opposite problem...they ignore me because I look like I don't have money I don't much care but it sucks being judged like that..Maybe I have $4000 in my pocket, they don't know.
I have that problem too! I think it is also because I look young and they just assume I don't have any money. It is so wrong to judge people like that.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I have the opposite problem...they ignore me because I look like I don't have money I don't much care but it sucks being judged like that..Maybe I have $4000 in my pocket, they don't know.
Yup, me too. When I was shopping with my Mom for furniture for my apartment, people would go up to ask to help her, and even when she said we were looking for me, they'd ignore me and keep talking to her. And when I went into stores alone, which are notorious for not leaving you alone, not a single person bothered me.

I see it as an advantage! I hate having someone bothering me when I try to shop anyway.
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