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Bundylee - today's the day!!

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How excited are you??

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Bundy - has Tatyana arrived yet? I know she was supposed to arrive at 8:45 pm your time, so that means you should have her already. Where are our pics!
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Now that Bundylee has her OWN Russian Blue, she's now going to ignore the rest of us.

Yeah, go ahead Bundy - smother our cats like crazy and now ignore them...there's no hurt feelings, honest....Don't worry Nakita, I'm here for you....your cyber auntie has no time for you now..there, there little one....hmmmm

Ok, I'm over my *episode*.........come on, I don't like waiting...the internet is suppose to be for instant communication...how *fast* is the relay of this info.....uhggggg......show us now!

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Kassandra - Bundy is about 15 hours ahead of Ontario so it is after midnight there. Also her step kids are thre this weekend! She better check in when she wakes up!
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You guys are too much!!!

Naomi need you ask???????? It's 1.53am and I am sitting here writing to you all with Tatyana asleep on my lap (heaven) now that's excitement I would say!!!

Now see????????? Would I ever let you all down? I got the cat and the pictures WOO HOO!!! And Kassy mate I still love ya cat too!!!! how can I not when they are cyber twins? LOL!
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I'm so glad you got her!!! I want to see the pictures!!!!
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