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Radio question of the day: 03/20/07

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Do you celebrate Easter? If so, how?
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Do you celebrate Easter? If so, how?
I celebrate the Equinox.

When I was a kid we did Easter by hiding eggs and ODing on chocolate!
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sort of, I always work on easter, then go to my Mom's for ham, but that's it, we used to go to Myrtle Beach every year around Easter because that's when Spring break from school was (for my sis and cousin) so we'd do even less
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we decorate Easter Eggs, and have a visit from the "bunny", and I make a ham or turkey.... that's it.
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I usually go to my parents house and have an easter egg hunt (even though im almost 21 lol) and get easter baskets full of chocolate. I'm not going to complain though its free chocolate.
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I haven't celebrated in years. My Uncle died Easter week about 14-15 years ago and it was my other Uncle's birthday. We always celebrated with my Uncle that passed. Since then it hasn't been the same. But this year Mom invited DH & I for dinner. We weren't going to celebrate but Mom said it would be just us & we haven't been to her house for dinner.
I am assuming we will have ham, maybe raviolis. I am thinking of putting an easter basket together for DH but I hate having sweets in the house.
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Yeah, we usually go to either my parent's or my in-law's for dinner.. I forget who's turn it is this year, we usually switch off.
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Its one of the infrequentl times I go to church then usually lunch either with parents or at one of my SIL's houses. Last yr I was at my sisters and drove back to WI that day. Not sure whats going to happen this year-I know I don't plan on cooking!!
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I am a total pleb and just eat chocolate eggs.........I cant even say I know the real religious reason / story behind it - I didnt listen much in 'Religious Education' classes
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I go to church with my mother and brother and then we usually take mom's elderly neighbor out to lunch. Of course, I "celebrate" Easter MONTHS before the actual holiday by eating all great Easter candy for months on end!
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My in-laws have a huge Easter party so we spend all day over there. Yippee.
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Yes, we celebrate it.
The kids all get an Easter Basket with candy and a stuffed animal.I fix a BIG Dinner and we usually go over to MIL house for a few hours to visit since Shawn's Brother comes in from Missouri.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Do you celebrate Easter? If so, how?
I work every year. I take that back. I think I had last Easter off. Like I've said so many times before, I have no kids, there for I work most every holiday.
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I go to my aunt's & cut 5 years off my life breathing in her cigarette smoke. If I don't go, my grandma refuses to let me into her house again. Holidays are about family.
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I do and we have a huge Eater hunt in town with the Firedepartment hiding it all and a few bounce toys. It is super fun.
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Yup!! We celebrate it Usually give kids a surprise from the "bunny" and then have dinner and a easter egg hunt.

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I have a ? how old is to old for a basket...
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My mom usually makes turkey or ham (usually turkey cause I hate ham ) and mashed potatoes and gravy and some other things, adn welll of course I get some candy, but then also on easter the kids come up for their easter candy and baskets from us, adn last year i actually had an easter egg hunt for them so depending on the weather i might do that this year!
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We usually drive first to my folks and then to my fiance's folks for various Easter dinners, and chocolates are given out (hopefully not so much this year, since most of us are on Weight Watchers!), but that's about the extent of it. We're not religious (although my grandmother is); it's mostly just an excuse to get together with family and gorge on food. We have a lot of those excuses ...
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We do!

We go to church and have a nice family dinner. Mom still makes us Easter baskets and things too. I do enjoy dying eggs and all that too!
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Yup! My mom STILL hides our baskets Even tho we are too old to 'believe' but hey- we still have Santa too! We go to Sunday morning church with our whole family (Grandparents, Aunts, cousins...) and then we go to my Grandparent's house for a huge meal, and then the little ones have an Easter egg hunt at their place, which I still wish we could participate in, becuase the eggs are full of quarters! But I can't complain because my Grandparents usually give us older grandkids $20!
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I have noone to celebrate with here. But I do OD on chocolate
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We have family over for lunch. Get lots of chocolate, which lasts me until next Easter....I'm not really a chocolate fan.
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz View Post
I have a ? how old is to old for a basket...
YOUR NEVER TO OLD!!! my mom still buys me a few things and then tell my newphew to call me up and tell me that the Easter Bunny stopped at their house and left me some things

We do...HAM...POLISH SAUSAGE..CARROT CAKE....EASTER EGGS...and top it all off with some praises to our lord savior Jesus Christ and some good ole family gambling... tisk tisk I know
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Celebrate Ostara which is the spring equinox
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I do a big turkey dinner and we hide eggs and bunnies for the grandkids! But this year, if my kitchen isn't finished, I threatened them all with Chinese buffet!
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I celebrate lots of chocolates in the stores
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I want a mom who will make me a basket
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