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Pepsi's feeling sorry for herself

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Hi Guys
This is Pepsi who was spade today feeling so sorry for herself.
Poor Kitty.
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aww give that baby some special gentle hugs from us..... she doing otherwise, has she eaten as yet ?
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The poor sweetie

They really shaved a lot of her hair!
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Awwww, the poor little pumpkin!!!
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She only came home a few hours ago and hasn't eaten yet. She is just really sleepy but keeing one eye open cause she thinks she might miss something! Her brother Milo keeps hissing at her so I have had to seperate them. She did the same thing to him when he was neutered last month, so at least I know it wont last.
I thought when I collected her that they had shaved off a huge area! She is long haired so it looks worse!
I also got her microchipped and she had her nails done!! All in all she has has probably had enough today!
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awe poor pepsi u are such a cutie tho I hate it when the shave so much hair but I am thinking her hair will grow back quickly since shes a long haired, stormies did really quick but shes still a baby but bella shes a short hair and they shaved soo much and well her hair still hasnt fully grown back and its been since august and stormies like i said is all back and she got fixed in January !!!
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Aww, getting spayed is no fun. Big hugs for Pepsi.
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Poor baby! How embarassing having part of her fur coat removed!
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Awww poor little Pepsi... May your fur regrow in luxuriant proportions!
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Poor Pepsi, she needs a hug
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The poor little sweetie. She will be feeling better in no time at all
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Awww Pepsi, I hope she's feeling better now
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5 Days since her op and she is doing great! Here she is in her favourite place, my bedroom window watching the birds and squirrels outside!
Thanks you for all your good wishes.
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