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i am new. i found this site while trying to locate an answer to my cat's change in health...for the past 48 hours she has been sleeping and just lying in her sleep area. i have an appointment to the doc's tomorrow, however i am worried about her health. she is generally an active cat.

anyway any advice would be much appreciated. i love all animals but i have a soft spot for cats. it is nice to see that many people share my admoration for the superior animal species.
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Welcome to the site spongegilly!! Good to have you here!!

If you have questions about your cats health, the best place to ask them is in the "Health and Nutrition" forum, lots of very knowledgable people read that forum often so will be able to help you out.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for, and stay around, this is a great place with lots of great people.

Keep us informed of how your baby is doing!
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Welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about the unwell cat. I agree, the "Health & Nutrition" forum would give you great advice. Pity you couldn't get to the vet sooner though. There's nothing worse that having to wait to get a sick pet to the vet. Hope all goes well.
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What did your vet say? I hope it was just a lazy day and not a serious problem... Keep us posted, and welcome!
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Welcome to the site! Please let us know what you find out about your kitty. We worry about all the kitties who we read about who aren't up to par, and many times we never hear the outcome.

I hope you stay, and join in on all our forums. We love making new friends, human and feline!
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Welcome to the group
Sorry to hear about your kitty being unwell. Please keep us informed of the progress.
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This place is a warm and loving place to learn about our babies!
Hope you baby is feelin better.

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