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How much pumpkin

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I asked this question before but forgot in what forum, so I couldn't find your answers. I read in one of the forums that canned pumpkin is a good source of fiber. What I don't remember is how much and how often. My sweetie had a hairball last week, yucky to clean up and hard on the poor kittie. If I can prevent this I'm all for it. I did buy the pumpkin but just want to make sure I don't over or under do it. I'll make a note of where I've posted this question this time.
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I found this:


(#3 by Yosemite)

Hope that is what you're looking for .
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Our longtime vet recommends one teaspoon of pumpkin per day mixed in with food, for no more than three days at a time. This was his advice for cats suffering from diarrhea or constipation. It works very well, but if you give it for longer than that, it does seem like too much... I find the cat starts throwing it up.

If you're seeking a long-term solution, it's better to look for a food with more fiber.
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Thanks for finding the site for me. I think I'll go easy on the pumpkin for now. Maybe use a hairball remedy. I'll also try to groom more. Thanks.
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1-3 tsp to start. Many will eat off the spoon. Some you have to mask it with some wet food or something tasty!
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