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do u think cats can see ghosts?

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its so wierd, for the past few mnonths now i've noticed my cats staring in the upper corner of my living room. a few nights ago all 3 of them were going crazy staring in the corner. there is nothing in the corner, believe me i was looking. so for about 20 min. they were all staring, and they would all turn their heads at the same time too, it was so wierd. serj last night was in a dead sleep on the couch and all of a sudden woke up and ran right to the wall they stare at and was cryingand scratching the wall. i was sitting right below him on the loveseat and i saw nothing! i video taped them but didnt watch it back yet. my boyfriend thinks they see a ghost, and actually i cant think of anything elese it would be. they only do it in that spot too. anyone elese have a kitty that does the same thing? we just got our video camera and i havent put anything on the computer yet, but ill try and get the video on here so you can see it, its so freaky!
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I personally don't really believe in ghosts, so my first answer would be "I doubt it". But, if they are real, if anyone can seem them it'd be cats...

I know Evie reacts to things I can't see all the time, but I always figure it's a mouse in the wall, something outside (we get raccoons on the roof all the time), or her imagination. I mean, after all, I buy her a nice new toy, and she spends 20 minutes playing with an invisible spot on the floor! Of course, all the cats doing the same thing... I don't know!

Even though I don't really believe, I'm still open minded about the whole thing, so post that video! Maybe you'll convince me.
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there was a tread on this not to long ago and what it came down too...mouses in the walls! Though I do not believe that is always the case at all! my cat Vincent from my teen years past away a few yrs ago. one night walking out of my room I swore I saw him and my little girl cat who hardly ever leaves my room was running back & fourth from the spare bedroom going nuts like she was playing with someone. the same room I saw vincent go into out the corner of my eye!
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i was thinking maybe a mouse last night, but i dont know its wierd cuz its always in the same corner. i think i need to get a DV cable to hook the camera up to the PC it probably didnt come with it, Grrrr.....
ill have to look for one after work.
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From what I've read, I would say it's quite possible. There's more evidence supporting the ghost theory than there is against it. And since cats are a far more advanced race than we are they could probably see things we can't.
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I think so, in fact whenever Reeses perks up her head and looks in a particular direction we joke and say "What is it? A ghost??"
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Well, there could be some type of animal or insect in the wall thats making a noise the cats can hear but you can't. But I'm also open-minded about whether or not cats can see ghosts...

After we put our 14 year old cat, Midnight, to sleep 5 1/2 years ago, my son and I would feel something that we couldn't see rubbing lightly against our lower legs. Snowball would always be in the room with us whenever this happened, and he would always stare at our legs whenever we got this rubbing sensation. Then we would always see Snowball's eyes following something invisible while it moved away from us. And if this happened to me in the livingroom, Snowball's eyes would always stop following this invisible thing when it got to the place that had been Midnight's favorite resting place right before she died. Since then, we have moved to a new home, and neither one of us has experienced a rubbing sensation on our legs in our new home.
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I think that animals can see ghosts and stuff that we can't see. They don't have anyone telling them that they arn't supposed to. I believe in ghosts but I have never seen a human one (I have seen a cat though. ). I saw my grandma after she died but I don't think she was a ghost...I think it was just her spirit and she was saying goodbye. I believe that ghosts don't know they are dead or don't want to move on.
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Um, I hope not because sometimes Trout looks in the corner too, and I can't distract her with anything..not even food
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