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A stray story.

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May 2003 for a few weeks I was tracking a small black cat in my neighbor hood. No big suprise that yet another stray found it's way to our apartments dumpster our area was full of stray cats. But this one was diffrent she was petite black and well groomed at first I thoght she may be a lost house pet so i put out fliers and looked for someone missing her. No luck, she also proved hard to catch to till one stormy day 3 weeks later. When I found her sitting very soaked and miserable looking on my outside windowsill. I opened the window and scooped her in towled her off and did not see her for 3 weeks as she ran under the bed.. I put put food water and a litter pan and hoped she would come out. Thankfully she did and it was then I noticed that my baby girl was going to be a mother. She still would let no one near her and would run away at the slightest noise. Two months later she had two little boys whom we kept.
Phantom came around eventualy with love and patience one could never tell that she spent her first years outside. Sure she is prone to hairballs, and still has her crabby moments but phantom has turned out to be one of the best cats I ever have been graced with.
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Bless you for taking her in and giving her a loving home. I would love to see a picture of her
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What a heartwarming story. You are to be admired!
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That is a very sweet story, I am glad that you kept her.
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What a sweet story. It really lifted my mood after a crummy day at work. Thanks.
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that is an amazing story, thank you.
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