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I'm New!

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Hi everyone, I'm new! I own two Seal Point Siamese Cats, Mac and Tosh, who are almost 3 years old. This board looks great and I can't wait to check all the forums out. I have my own Siamese website, for any Meezer Fans, at http://meezermania.tripod.com

I can't wait to get to meet everyone!
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I think your kitties are just lovley!
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hi meezer,

it is a pleasure to meet you. i just joined myself. it is amazing and a joy to see so many cat lovers...
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Thanks dragonlady! This board is great! All ready I feel right at home.
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Hi Meezer-

I would like to welcome you to the board and would like to invite you to add your personal website to a new board that just went up recently. Designed and owned by the webmaster of this catsite. www.meowhoo.com Your listing is at no charge on Meowhoo. Just prowl on over there and give it a look. And again- welcome!
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Welcome to the site MeezerMania!

I had a Seal Point Siamese while growing up and she lived to the ripe old age of 23! I still dearly miss her and her very dominant personality. I swear she was more human than cat!

Three weeks ago I picked up a Russian Blue kitten. Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Welcome to the site! I think we are just about all Meezer fans, because after all they are cats, and we love cats! Your site looks very comprehensive. I'll have to spend more time there.
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Welcome to the site
I'm sure you will love it here
I used to own a lilac-point siamese but lost him back in April at the age of 12 when he was hit by a car
We now have Orion who is a 10 month old russian blue and soon Draco will be joining us and he's a russian black.
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