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A Poem For All Of You Wonderful People

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I found this on the feline diabetes site....and would like to steal the author's words to tell you all how I feel about all of you and your assistance....with my blind Caboose....and diabetic (maybe) P.J.

Thanks and lots of hugs... Toomany

"For the Friends I’ve Never Met
©2004 By Carol Notermann

I thought, last spring that I was just a woman all alone
I thought that in my sadness, my friends had all but flown.
For everyone was saying, “Oh my goodness he’s a cat.â€
But all I knew was he was sick, and I had to deal with that!

And now I am surrounded by friends, both far and near
And linked through my computer, they’re with me when I fear.
We follow “Pay it Forward†for we’ve all needed help
And on the OT Board we worry, when a puppy gives a yelp.

There are those who give “expert†advise, and others simply pray.
The ((Hugs)) that are passed on here, mean more than words can say.
I want to help those filled with fear, I want to “teach†another vet
And most of all I just give thanks, for the friends I’ve never met "
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Those are some beautiful sentiments. I feel that way about TCS, too.
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That is a beautiful poem. Thank you so much for putting into words something that I can't.
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that is lovely, so meaningful
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Beautifully said. I never cease to be touched by the kindness of folks here... our cats really seem to link us heart-to-heart.
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