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New here.

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Hello. I am new here and really love this site! I would like to introduce you to my two furkids named Kisses and Zander. First I will post Zander's pic. He is my new birman kitten. He is such a cuddlebug!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I love your kitten, he is so adorable. Like me, you are going to have so much fun here! I have been posting here for a while now and I can't believe all the information I get! I am so happy that you found The Cat Site, because when it comes to cat information, they don't get any better than this! Have Fun!

:LOL:Yay! Another new member!:LOL:
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Here is Kisses. He is almost three years old and he is a blue point Ragdoll. He is just like a dog and follows us around everywhere and he doesn't know a stranger.
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Thank you for the sweet welcome Crazy Cat. I look so forward to coming here and meeting new friends, cat lovers like myself, and also learning new things. Looks like I am in the right place. How many fir kids are you enslaved by? Lol
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Hello Zander's mom!! Those are two gorgeous babies you have on your hands there.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this place a lot more once you get settled in. This is the perfect place to brag about all the cute and funny things your furbabies do.

We all love pictures here so don't be shy with them.
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Boy am I ever the dummy. I asked you above how many cats you have without looking at the signature on your posts!!! Holy cow or cats I mean!!! You have 11 babies!!! Awesome. Can't wait to see pics of them. Do you have a pictures here on this site?
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What beautiful babies you have! And two of my favorite breeds, too. They look so soft and cuddly.

You have found a great place. We do have to warn you, though, that it is highly addictive! But in a good way, really.
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for the sweet compliment about my babies. I too, think they are wonderful but obviously I am a bit biased. Of course we know that kitties in general are beautiful and wonderful. It is very nice to meet you Jessica.
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for such a nice compliment. I am so happy to have found this site. I love your kittie's names! Nice to meet you.
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I'm glad you joined and know you will meet tons of new friends here!
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Here's pictures of ALL my cats!








(Can't find a picture of her...Grr!)



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Welcome to the site Zanders Mom!! He is just GORGEOUS!! as is your other beautiful baby.. I just ADORE Birmans, we had the blessing of having a chocolate tortie point girl live with us for a short time (We named her Brandysnap), she was the most beautiful kitten, sadly she left us at only 6 moths old due to liver and kidney failure... she was my little and I long for another one, they are such wonderful cats
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Zander's mom, they're gorgeous. Yes, this is a great site and very addictive. Looking forward to seeing lots more news about your fluffballs.
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Hi, Zader's and Kisses' Mom!

My husband and I just took home a Ragdoll kitten (blue bicolor male) two weeks ago. He's a handful, but he's the most loving furball I've ever met. He follows us everywhere, sleeps all over our bed at night and greets everyone who enters our home. I can't wait to bring home a second one someday!

Take care,

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again everyone for such a warm welcome. Ooooh Jen, you are going to enjoy your raggie. Hope to hear updates from you.

Crazy cat. I was able to see some of your gorgeous furkids but some of the pics had a red x. Well the furkids I did see were adorable and beautiful. You are one lucky lady and a very proud mama I am sure
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is too hilarious in that outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!
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Welcome to the group
Your furbabies are gorgeous and I'm sure you will love the site
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