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Moving with my cat and my mother's poodle

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Hi all:
In June I will be driving (moving) for 14 hours from Florida to Tennessee with my 6 yrs old cat and my mother's 3 yrs old poodle.
The poodle loves cats but I don't know about my cat. She has always been the only one around the house. They are going to have to learn to live together from that day on.
I am also worry about the 14 hours drive.
Any good ideas/suggestions will be appreciated.
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Would it be possible to introduce them and see how they get along before the trip?
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Would it be possible to introduce them and see how they get along before the trip?
I already tried that (only once) and my cat ran away to hide in the closet.
Next weekend I am going to close all doors to the bedrooms to see what happens, but as it is, I am already loosing sleep at nights worrying about the situation.
I love my cat dearly and do not want for her to feel uncomfortable or threatened at her own home
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Oh dear. I'm sorry...I don't have any experience with dogs or introducing them to cats so I don't know what else to suggest. I hope someone else comes along shortly.
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since the dog likes cats it should be simple. It's a matter of controlling the dog so the cat can check her out. I have my dog lay down and I distract his head with a treat while the cat comes and sniffs him usually the cat will not like if the dog looks at them during this moments so control his head. You can put up a baby gate and put the cat in the gated off room holding the dog on the outside so they can watch each other but feel secure. You should work them slowly closer to each other. You can also rub the cat down with a towel and put it under the cat's food bowl. This is so when the cat eats (good thing) he smells the cat and associates the dogs smell with a good thing. Bring the cat in a room where there is no open closet or place he can hide but still be enough room for them to feel safe, maybe a cat tree or high shelf in the room would be good so the cat can watch and get used to the dog on his own time. I say no place to hide because they tend to pay no attention to the dog when the are hiding. For my dog I knew he would not hurt the cats so I just let him walk among them and the cats eventually got used to his presence. It was helpful with the second cat that the first one was in love with Max (my dog) and slept with him and the kitten wanted to sleep with the other cat so he started sleeping with Max and they all became good friends. I'd say put them in a room together and lay the dog down, entice the cat over and keep the dog as still as possible. They will either love each other or tolerate each other but as long as the dog likes cats I don't think there will be any issues that will cause permanent separation or re homing. It's just a matter of your cat getting used to the dog and his movements. The cat will get used to your dog laying but when he moves she'll freak, then get used to it, then freak when the dog walks or stands, and then get used to it etc. It is just a matter of desensitizing her to it. If you don't think the dog will pester the cat and the cat will not lash out at the dog, once the cat gets used to the dog laying in the room, you can let the dog up and walk around in the room (keep door closed, if the cat runs th dog might chase). The cat will get nervous but eventually will settle. Just sit in a chair in the room and if the dog goes up to the cat and the cat does not want him there just call the dog over (or gently pull away) and give him a treat. they'll get used to each other over time I'm sure, keep us updated. Oh, and you can also put the dog in a crate and let the cat investigate through the bars!
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Since the cat will be in a carrier in the car, they can get to know each other on the drive without harm to either.

When in the new home, have a "safe" room with a baby gate where the dog cannot come in. I would have the dog on leash and let the cat come to the dog. Also NEVER allow the dog to chase the cat unless the cat wants to initiate the game in the future.

It would be similar in introducing 2 cats - slowly.

Charlie had to be introduced to our lab and our cat. He was in the library by himself for about a week or 2 and allowed out under supervision. Keno loves cats but she was put in a down or sit stay around Charlie and allowing Charlie to make the advances.

One other thing - make sure the cat's nails are all trimmed!
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I would be prepared for the cat to hide for about a month. That is about how long it takes for them to decide that maybe that big smelly thing on four legs is not evil.
As long as kitty has a place to escape to and be safe (can be under a bed) and has her claws they will work it out. The biggest danger I find is that the dog thinks kitty is a good chase buddy. Dogs and cats have different ideas of playing. Doggy wants to chase and kitty wants to swat. They don't really mix all that well. ....
Good luck I hope it goes well for you....
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If the poodle is the size of the cat, going under the bed will be no problem for the dog - that's why I recommended a baby gate for the "safe" area for the cat

I know what you mean in playing - Keno thinks she's a cat and pounces and mouths Charlie - he just rolls over and kicks the dog or swats at her face
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