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Cold foods...

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...which ones do you love??

By cold foods I mean foods that can be eaten hot or cold. But are usually just as good (if not better) the next day out of the fridge.

Before I became vegetarian I used to really like cold sausages, and cold meat pies! I also really liked cold KFC chicken, too.

Now I could definitely down a couple of slices of cold pizza (if I wasn't doing WeightWatchers - from all the sausages, pies and KFC )

But a lady I work with likes to eat cold lasagne!! Ewwww!!

What do you think is just as good or better, cold, the next day?
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I like cold baked beans and prefer leftover meat cold (I find it gets tough when heated). Our daughter prefers her coffee cold. She makes a hot coffee and then lets it sit in the fridge until it's cold, adds her cream and sugar and enjoys it that way.
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Kroger makes friend chicken and then chills it specifically for people (like me) who love eating cold chicken! It's delish! I also really love cold, day-old turkey. Guess I'm just a cold poultry lover! Yummmmmmmm.
But cold lasagne? That's, um, interesting!
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I like cold popcorn! Ok, maybe not "cold", but room temp...

Some pasta dishes I think are just as good, if not better, straight out of the fridge as leftovers, even when they're meant to be served warm/hot. And of course, like you all, some meats are just better chilled!
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I love cold fried chicken and cold fav is Rigatoni w/marinara Oh yeah and cold eggplant parmesan...okay now I'm hungry
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..........umm.....nothing really, I hate the thought of cold baked beans, pizza has to be hot and fresh for me.........

ooo just thought I dont mind cold sausages........there you go
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I can eat cold leftover chicken, turkey, ham, steak, etc. but that's about it. Cold pasta is ewwwwwwww lol

Generally, if its supposed to be hot, I want it HOT!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
..........umm.....nothing really, I hate the thought of cold baked beans, pizza has to be hot and fresh for me.........
For me anything cold is especially pizza..ewwwwwwww
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OOohh I LOVE cold pizza I'd rather have it cold, than hot. And KFC chicken is really yummy cold, and so is room temp. popcorn. Along with turkey or roast.... Mmmmmm
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Definitely sausages. And mashed potato! Really...
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Hmmm I know I don't like left over spaghetti, reheated or not but my brothers love it. Cold pizza is okay but like it better hot. Does ice cream count? Oh, I do prefer cold coffee to hot coffee , there found something!
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