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Job interview...again!

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Well if you didn't know, the interview i had a couple of weeks ago went well on my behalf. But there were about 10 or so indescresions on the employers behalf. he was in his 70s, very old fashioned, asked only personal questions and nothing about the job he also said a couple of comments about me and my mother which were judgmental and he doesnt know us. Well theres a big list but i wont carry on. Another person from my employment agency also had problems with him and he has basically been told by them to go **** off for misleading potential employees and wasting their time.

This one is in an industry i have never thought about working in so if they ask me questinos about why i applied i cnt very well tell them i dont want to be there and im desperate for work!!!

Today 5 minutes before i had to go out for counselling and to see Tristan im given a call for an interview for tomorrow. I got home 2 hours ago all flustered and stressed because i had to wash my clothes last minute and its wet and miserable so nothing will dry, and i had to spend ages trying to find bus routes and times and read maps so i know i can get there and not get lost!!

It's 10 pm and i have to go to bed soon so i get enough sleep as i have to wake up early, but i dont know if i will be able to settle down!!! Im not getting my hopes up, i need more vibes that i will actually get there on time!!
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Sending you all the vibes!!

Actually shouldnt he be retired at 70 already?
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Good luck on your interview!! Let us know how it goes.
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Sending job vibes too.
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It's a beautiful day out here in PA & I hope the ray of sunshine shines down on you. Good luck at the interview. You might be surprised and like that industry.
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Good luck.
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Good luck!

The older ones who are a pain in the you know where, never seem to retire. Much to the chagrin of their employees and/or co-workers
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Lots of Good Luck ((((((( vibes )))))) whizzing your way from Spain

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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
Sending you all the vibes!!

Actually shouldnt he be retired at 70 already?

He is the owner/manager of the company. It was established in 1932 so my guess is he followed in his fathers footsteps but he doesnt know much about business.

I just got back and im sticky and ick. This job is in a factory (and im wearing tailored pants and shirt and nice shoes) my father did that when he was 14 and Tristan did it as well. It's sanding/detailing bedroom furniture for aus wide furniture stores. Im getting a one day trial next week (paid) to see how i go. There is sawdust and fumes and it's all manual. Everyone there is fit and im actually quite um...chubby. I dont know how ill go. I never thought i'd be working there =\\ the pay is good but i would be stuffed at the dn of just one day
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Good luck at finding your dream job }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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A job is a job and if ya have a family you do anything true.. I hope the day does go well for you sending vibes.
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Oh, I'm sending all the job vibes I can to you! I got my job, so now its YOUR turn!!
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