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update on Heidi

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well i took her to the vets yesterday to get checked over and find out what i need to get her.

well she is back today for her first vaccinations and in 3 weeks she goes in to get spayed.

hubby was none too pleased when i got home with the pricelist of the stuff shes to get.

in total it will cost 242.56 euros (first appointment yesterday 14euros, vaccine today 25.56 euros, spay 85euros, blood for passport 85 euros, and microchip 33euros)

i dont think this is expensive especially if it will do her good in the long run.
i told him we didnt have to get the blood test done right now only when we are ready to go back to uk could do it next month even to split the cost.

he said he isnt prepared to pay that kind of money for a cat. i asked him if he would have payed it for our dog sabre (pic at the bottom) he said no we only payed £40 to get him neuterd as it was with the pdsa (free help for people on benefits) but that was like 5 years ago and you cant expect things for free forever!!!

anyways shes going back today and if i dont say anything to him i think he will just get it all done so i have to be nice and quiet (thats hard for me lol) for now and fingers crossed

sorry for the rant i just had to tell someone who would understand with the cat problems.


we had him from 6 weeks til he was 4 we were told we couldnt bring him to germany with us so we gave him to a friend who later gave him away we miss him terribly.
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Im sorry to hear about your disagreement. It's sort of the same here with my parents. We've had alot of problems with past cats and dad makes a big fuss about how much money we're charged at the vet and that its a waste of time having cats. im not rich but i would give life and limb for my cats. even though ive had them all my life and dad sometimes plays with jasmine when she is crazy, i doubt highly he is a cat person. he yells at the when they are fighting, but he does it from his seat when he eats dinner. instead of getting up to let one out or seperate them he will wait for me or mum to come out and do it when we are at the other end of the house doing stuff.

some people just cant be changed. our pets are worth the money, and if you cannot afford it you have to ask your family to help.

oh god i rant. im sorry
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Isn't Heidi a sweetie! You're absolutely doing the right thing taking such wonderful care of Heidi during this vital time of her life including vaccines, spay, blood work & microchip! Good for you, for educating yourself and insisting on the best of health for your little one, Angela!
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well ive just got back from the vet and all is well she has had her 1st vaccine, her 1st rabbies booster and her microchip

she goes again in 3 weeks for her 2nd rabbies shot and then on May 3rd she gets spayed.

im so pleased she was great at the vets she was shaking but no hissing or anything when she got the jabs.

she has actually been really loving today which is the opposite from the way she normally is so its a good sign

i think she may have had worms and thats why she was a little nasty to us.

we have the pet passport and on our way to it being complete i cant wait to be able to take her with us when we go home to scotland instead of leaving her with someone.

sorry im just so happy now and things are great so far

thanks for being there
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I'm glad things went so well at the vet
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