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Help With Allergies

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Hello everybody,
My cat is allergic to something that I cant find out and it makes me really sad to see these on his skin
He has these crusts on his skin on the head, shoulders, back and sides. They are sticked to the skin.
He doesnt have any fleas.
I used to feed him with Hill's kitten which has chicken in it. I switched to Royal Canin Persian and his allergies got less but not gone totally and it has chicken in it too. For a week I have been feeding him with raw chicken only and I think his allergies got larger.
He doesnt like raw lamb or veal and he loves chicken. I dont want to offer dry food because I dont think they are healthy. So what should I do? Isnt there a cream or pills for allergies? Maybe I can give canned food which has lamb in it but it may be costly in the long term. I need to try though, to see if chicken causes the allergy.
I just become so sad when I see these thing on my little kitten's skin and I wanted to share it with you.

Wish me luck,
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one week if too short for a allergy trial .. you need 6-12 weeks for that ...
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I'm sorry your kitten is having problems. I understand what it's like to have a sick one! Did a vet do a biopsy and tell you the skin problem was allergies? If so, I would try something that doesn't have chicken in it and see how the kitten does. I don't know what is available in Turkey. But ask a vet about a cortisone type cream to put on the leisions.
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Thanks. I took him to two different vets but vets here are not very knowladgable IMO. They just told me to change the food. I am sure there are better vets but I dont know which ones are and which ones are not because there are way too many but I will research.

I was wondering if the kitten is allergic to chicken, would turkey cause the same as its a bird too? Or is it safe to feed turkey?
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If you have access to beef lamb or mutton those would be better
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You would need quite a while to do a food trial, at least a couple of weeks on each type of food (and allow time for eefects of last food to wear off and then some time for symptoms of new food to show up).

I would try something different than turkey if it seems to be chicken setting off the allergies, like Sharky said, lamb, beef, mutton etc - anything 'different'.

Also you could try different brands of food, mine like chicken in some brands and not others, beef in some but not the ones they like chicken in etc
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