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All animal protection organizations – I need your help!

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Today I had find out one terrible thing in Latvian legislation – any dog or cat in rural area could be shoot down if it is over 200 metres from the living house!

According to the special paragraph in our Hunting Bill, any dog or cat that is away from living house over 200 metes and has no registration tag could be shoot down.

The trick is that no one rural municipality here register dogs and cats and as a result - there is no way to get registration tag if you live in the rural area, so basically any dog or cat can be killed knowing that no registration tag will be on it.

(Barns and other outbuildings are not mentioned, so you can imagine that any dog and cat in farm is in danger). Just now we had case here in Jelgava district – the dog had shoot when playing with his owner’s children in the field and no law can punish the shooters! Dog was playing with children and they could be injured or even killed accidentally too!

Here is a small legal gap as bill says – in hunting areas – which means that shooting could be done by professional hunters if the dog is on the land registered as a hunting land but in practice it means that any prat with gun can shoot the neighbours dog and leave without any legal trouble. It is awful!

In cities and towns legislation is much more complicated and nobody can kill the dog without serious investigation, but in rural areas – please, door is open!

For me this story started this morning as our neighbour found both her dogs dead in the field on their own land. I called the police, and get info that it is legal. Called to lawyers office and they proved the situation.

And now I need your help. If you know any animal right organization, or even better – you are member of it, please pass this info around as I need help. Not financial but experience – how to organize campaigns, how to make it work better and if some organisations would like to participate sending letters to our ministry of Agriculture, asking for amendments in legisation, it would be even better.

Within a month I will have agriculture internet portal to start the campaign (I am its chief editor already and I hope it will be launched within a month), few magazines and at least one big daily to start the battle, I also have support from quite famous law office that are offering me help and also two NGOs, so a bad start just in one day, but I would be really happy for any help!

All advices, ideas, previous experiences are very welcome!

Anna Zigure – Crew
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You need to supply a link with this information for others to be able to advise you correctly.
By the way I didn't mean to sound short this is disgusting! Another fine example of human absolution!
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I had not prepared all legislation translations and other things - I had just starting. It is a big legislation mess to be sorted out and I already see that this will end at our Supreme Court, ut at present I just need let's say marketing ideas how to better promote this to the folk here. If somebody partiipated or organized similar campaigns for any animal protection problem I would like to get info about their practical exerience as I have never done something like ths ut now I'm seriously determint to do it, and carry on to the victory. It is possible, but I need build up a big publicity for this.
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Where specifically is this happening? Sorry if I overlooked............each state/providence differs in effective public opposition. If you could find a site disclosing this horrific law, that would be great!
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Sorry, it happens to be in Latvia, Europe, so if anybody would like to step in with support, it would be international plan

I'm Latvian, as you can see from my location. There are not much places in Europe where so wild laws are still in force.

I hope to prepare this coming weekend translation of these laws regarding the problem as there are about 6 different laws like pet wellfare law, hunting law, law about local governments and so on.
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Oh heck that is terrible and I am sorry to hear about your neighbours dogs, that is so sad - please pass on our thoughts and prayers

I am not a member of any animal protection agency - but if you do a general search on the internet, I am sure you will find many. Obviously the biggest is World Wildlife Fund - well any you can send emails etc. How about getting neighbours and townspeople to sign a petition against this ?

Good luck with your hard work
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Have you found ?
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Oh, thank you! See, just pass links to me of oganisations that you have knowledge about and trust - I do not send mails blindly and get involved with somebody like PETA!
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try this one

I know its the UK site, but I am sure they can put you in touch with a European one

The Green Party have a European Member of Parliment - see this link about animal protection
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WSPA is on my list already and they do have coordinator for my country so I know exactly to whoom to write.

Grreat thank for EU link - that's great, we also have few greens in Parliament and if they will be pushed by colleagues there, it will work great!
Thank You! You are great, folks!
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Good Luck Anna, please keep us posted if you have any news or positive replies from any of the angencies you have spoken with
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Originally Posted by Barryz View Post
Oh, thank you! See, just pass links to me of oganisations that you have knowledge about and trust - I do not send mails blindly and get involved with somebody like PETA!
Good decision! You are welcome to contact the Coalition for Animal Justice. While we primarily work with issues in the USA, I'll see what we can do to help. Please send an email to
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