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It was a stormy night the sky was dark with angry clouds and swirled around.
Esterelle sat in her basket frail now from oldage.her whiskers had turned grey and her fur almost bare.But her eyes still had an undefined magicand their was a glimpse of her former beauty .
She sat up and licked the paw of the young minx she was looking after.her great great great great x 5 grand daughter-Manna.Mannas soft innocent baby eyes twinkled in the shadows."What is it grandma esterelle?"
Esterelle looked at the baby and thought how different herlife had hard it had been for her as a young kitten in those days.manna was of a different age,she had fancy toys and cashmere throws to lie on.collars with expensive sparkly jewels on reminded her,oh yes.
Oh she didnt begrudge the sibling.she was pleased for her.but it took her to another time.a time of sadness and loss and constant change.but also a time of excitement and adventure and of love.
she looked deep into mannas eyes"let me tell you a story little one she purred"
"a long long time ago i was a young sliver of a cat just like you.I lived in a palace in china and was the emperor daughters favourite kitten.I slept on a silk cushion and ate russian caviaar everyday.I had slave kittens to clean my fur.
Life was just one big cat tree,and all the handmade chinese beatiful.
but then one day,I was looking for my mum,I wanted to show her my new emerald cushion.Iwhisked around with my tail as high as it would go.when i heard an horrific wailing sound.I stopped for i knew immediately what had happened.I had dreamt about it day after day and now it had finally come true.
they had taken her!!And they were coming for me.I shivered in terror and my earlier meal of smoked salmon came rushing up.I heard the armoured guards marching through the house trampling our things and rifling through human scrolls.In that instant i knew i had to leave.If i escaped un seen i could run away.hide for a few days and then plan how to escape-it was becoming dangerous here.I heard the humans say so theother evening.I gathered my wits.collected a single antique cat collar belonging to my mum and ran and ran and ran...