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new companion

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So I have decided to try a new kitten for my Tigger. He recently ( a month) lost his adopted brother from heart failure. He has done nothing but try to play at 3 am and not let me sleep. He his use to having another cat, so I am getting another to see how it goes an 8 week old kitten who I guess can hold his own. The kitten will go to the pound if he doesn't find a home soon.
I don't want to flake since I told my friend I would take him, but I don't want to stress my Tigger out who is a 1 and half year old orange tabby. This little 8 week old, who has been deemed Elvis is crazy, but ole ears and crazy markings, gray and white with big old rabbit looking ears.

The last time I introduced the cats (Tigger and my little Angel Eddie (RIP angel boy)) there wasn't any blood but there was hissing and chasing and biting on the neck.

Any suggestions? Can a cat how is older who just lost his companion accept another one?
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Just remember, your not going to get any more sleep for a while with a kitten . Sorry for Tigers loss, and yours ..... Make sure it is the best thing for all 3 of you, it is better to be sure then to flake.
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Just so you know, kittens need to stay with their mums for at least 10-12 weeks.

If you do the introduction slowly you'll have a greater chance on success.
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I am really struggling over this. I worry for my one cat because he is alone but I am sure he could be fine being the only cat. i play with him etc....but a brand new kitten, the last time I introduced him to Eddie it took a week and seperate rooms and litterboxes, a part of me doesn't know what to do. And my poor friend, she is tired of me going back to forth, but they will take it to the pound if he doesn't get a home, and they have looked for other homes. This kitten was the only one in the litter, his mother was like 10 years or something. they alraeady have 10 cats and they can't keep him, I suppose I could try it out. My biggest fear is that my oldder cat is going to feel even more rejected and unloved, however at the same time he hates it when I leave (he sleeps) but a part of me knows he is still looking for the other cat.

Am I being toooo selfish? am I too worried about the ties with my friend?
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I do think you are over-worrying. It's very possible the introduction may take a few weeks but that is very normal. I think your current kitty will enjoy having the kitten around. We separated Bijou and Mika for a month before we allowed them together without supervision and now they are best of friends.

As far as litter goes, if you have 2 cats you should have a minimum of 2 litter boxes and if possible 3. We have 2 and that is working out OK for us.

If you are able to give this little guy a good home, please do it. Also if your friend could keep it until the kittie is at least 10 weeks old, it would be better.
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