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Ginger's Time in the Sun

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I caught Ginger napping on the cat tree in the sun. So of course I had to take pics!


"Maybe if I ignore her she will go away..." (Notice her little ear curled up underneath her! )

"Well, at least it isn't flashin'...."

"OK MOM! Enough already!" Oh, sorry for disturbing your beauty sleep, Cookie!

"Well, since you scritched me, I'll pose purrty for one picture. But just ONE!"

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That is so cute! She is beautiful!
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Look at her--she's cute and she knows it! I'm tempted to just hop right in and take a nap with her
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Ohhh Ginger cookie you are too sweet!!!!!

I love how they wrap their face with their paw and user their back leg as a pillow, they look so cute!

I love how you can see your reflection in her eyes in the last pic!!!
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awe what a cutie pie, those pics are great what a cutie
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She's a love!
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She looks so happy and comfy! How nice of her to pose for a shot for you! Even though the sleeping poses are adorable.
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Awwwww what a little cutie pie she is
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She is sweet as can be and so pretty
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She is such a pretty girl! She looks so soft and sweet
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Heidi, Ginger gets prettier everytime I see her!
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awww........what a fluffy-kins, give that tum some scritches from me
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Awww, Heidi, Ginger Cookie is so pretty!
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*Beaming Meowmy*

Thanks everyone! I think she's very pretty, but I may be biased.

Sarah, I hadn't even noticed the reflection in her eyes! That's funny!
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Awwww... what a sweetie! She has such pretty eyes
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Aw she looks so sweet in the sun. I dont get any sun in my apt
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aww shes adorable ! <3 the colors on her face
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I notice that the curled up ear didn't last for long!
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