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I have to share pictures of the love of my life. I come from a family who raises pretty big cats (D.C was 20 lbs, Tiger is a good 12 or 13 and Cami is at least 10) so it's been tough for me that Gracie's a year old and still so small. However, she just got spayed and the vet said she is a PERFECT weight I rescued her when she was meerly weeks old and had to bottle feed her. The first picture was taken a couple of weeks after I got her.

This is more recent.

She loves her cat tree!
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She is adorable...I love her name
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o my what a cutie she is I know what u mean about big cats, when we got blue i was so shocked and not used to it because welll willie is a good 15lbs and such and midnight im not sure of but he put on weight when he hit 2-3 years old so she might gain as she gets older...Bella she came here and got fat (she was abondoned so she found me and i took her in) and then stormie came who was only 10 weeks old when I got her but a Huge 10 weeks old because she is going to be such a huge cat, and thne blue and tessa came and tessa's got muscle now and is filling out as blue is relallly loong and super skinny but she is such a tiny kittie at 8-9 months old, and well her and stormie play together all the time (best of friends) and well they were eating last night and stormie was standing next to blue and I was laughing because Stormie is only 7-7 1/2 months old and blue is a month to 2 older and stormie was 2x the size of blue But well u did great job with gracie and she is such a cutie, and who knows she may fill out in some time a few years or so but she is such a cutie, and well the vet said she was the perfect weight which is EXCELLENT ! But such a cutie
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She has just about the sweetest kitty face I have ever seen! What a beautiful lovey!
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I guess everybody else can see the photo but all I see is a message that the photo is to big to be posted and that SNAX ate it. So, I do not understand...
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I reposted pictures under the thread "More Gracie"
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