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Thursday's DT

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Well it has been a fairly busy day at work and looking up the newspaper contact info for Anne. Hard to believe how many little towns have more then 1 newspaper. How can there be that much news in these little towns - LOL. Survivor tonight. For some reason I am not enjoying this season as much! Hubby wants to go buy a new VCR tonight. It is the Breeders Cup horse race weekend and he has tapped everyone since they started and he thinks our perfectly good VCR isn't good enoungh to do the job correctly. Boys with their toys! I hope everyone has had a good day!
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I'm pretty happy Anne came up with this project for us. LOL Work has been dead this week, and this at least gives me something that makes me look busy. I'm almost done with Colorado, and will probably start on some of the other Clusters that haven't been taken yet. It's even been dead here today, which I figure it at least in part because we are all combing the internet for sources for her.

Not much going on here at work, or at home for that matter. It's cold, it's been cold almost all week. We got a dusting of snow last night, which was pretty. I think it got all the way up to 40 degrees (F)! WooHoo! NOT!
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We're having December weather in NJ already - we're supposed to just be ending "Indian Summer" now! Our bird bath isn't supposed to be freezing over!

Got the CT Scan this morning. Should have results in a couple of days. Like Cindy's son, I've now met several others who get infections frequently, and it isn't anything per se, although they get CT Scans annually just to make sure. So I'm really not nervous - just got my fingers crossed.

I'm so far behind at work it's just not even funny. The second and third week of January, April, July, and October are always the busiest weeks we ever have work-wise. I so wish I could be helping with the newspaper search! But even now, I gotta go!

Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

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It's so nice to be home! Work today was unbelivably crazy since we were short a tech, who is on vacation. BTW she was supposed to take her vacation during the summer before another tech quit but failed to do so and that's the irritating thing of it.

I'm just glad I didn't have a nervous break down as the blood work and x-rays piled up. And since we got a laser my boss has been loading up on surgeries to play with the new 'toy'.

On a lighter note we're going to be having a Persian that is going to be up for adoption. Her name is Princess(I know very original huh?) and she's all black. We had adopted her out originally but now her owner can no longer take care of her. It will be nice to see her again, she is so sweet. I kept telling Sampson(My Persian) that I have a girlfriend for him.

Of course 5 is WAY too many cats fr me so unfortunatly it's out of the question.
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Oh, c'mon, Jessica, you know you want that Persian!

Laurie, we are still owed Indian Summer, because we have not had a warm weather week since the first frost. I think you should tell the Boss just that! It's the rule, isn't it? I'll be behind you on this. (way behind you.) I'm praying for good results for you.

Heidi, I've been looking at newspaper staffs all day. There are one heck of a lot of papers in PA! But, it's for a good cause. Oh, our story!! Every intricate piece of the plot all figured out by the guys, huh?? What am I supposed to do now? Well, I'll just have to think of the foolproof plan you have predicted!!! (Or---stall and let you do it! :witch: Mwahaha!)

Adrienne, I just don't have a favorite yet, but I like the older man on Shi Ann's tribe. He seems to be a fair and decent person. He's the first to stand out for me. We'll get into it!
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