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Media links/FDA info for Pet food Recall

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Hello Everyone:

I have taken the liberty of making a new thread for the news stories that are popping up with news on the pet food recall. This way we do not have to scroll through the many pages of the previous threads to read new information/FDA stuff. Feel free to add your local media stories.

*Maybe this can be made a sticky?*
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PHILADELPHIA -- A massive recall involving dozens of brands of dog and cat foods has pet owners frightened and wondering just how safe is the food they feed their pets.

The recall alarmed pet owners everywhere in particular because it is so widespread, affecting 51 brands and food sold between December and March.

NBC 10 has had dozens of phone calls from concerned pet owners, in particular one from the Nicetown section of Philadelphia where a man says his puppy died after eating the tainted food.

"He loved attention. Actually, when he got in his cage, he didn't like it. He would just bark until he got out," said Dave Carter.

But now, the house is quiet and Jeezy's cage is empty.

Carter said his 8-week-old pit-bull puppy was acting lethargic and sickly on Friday and died Sunday morning.

"Its going to be different without him around."

Carter said he had been feeding Jeezy Nutro puppy food, which is one of the many brands of dog food being recalled by Ontario-based Menu Foods.

"I suspect that it's the food, yes," Carter said. "…It does make me angry. These things should be tested before anyone gives it to their pet."

So far, Menu Foods has recalled 60 million containers of cuts and gravy wet cat and dog food sold under dozens of brand names including Nutro, Sophisticats, Eukanuba and Iams.

This after an unknown number of cats and dogs suffered kidney failure and at least 10 died after eating the tainted food.

Worried pet owners are checking their pet food labels.

"It's very scary, and I am just glad it didn't affect us," said dog owner Monica Kroll.

Area veterinarians have been swamped with calls. They are urging pet owners who fed their dogs or cats any of the tainted food to get them checked out even if they are not sick.

"Kidney disease is easily diagnosed by a blood sample and a urine sample, so if they have any concerns, then we can rule it out with those tests," said Dr. Pip Hodgen of Havertown Animal Hospital.

Carter said it happened so fast he didn't even have a chance to get his dog help.

"Any pet owner would be devastated. Yes, I am devastated," he said.

A complete list of the recalled products along with product codes, descriptions and production dates was available from the Menu Foods Web site. The company also designated two phone numbers that pet owners could call for information -- (866) 463-6738 and (866) 895-2708 -- although callers have been keeping the lines busy.

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I want to know how it can take this long if it truly is the food to find the toxin???
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
I want to know how it can take this long if it truly is the food to find the toxin???
Have no idea what is taking so long either but rumour has it...that this is a aflatoxin outbreak. Aflatoxix is some sort-of toxin complex usually from mold...that makes sense to me since it is the wheat gluten that is the problem.
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Here are some links to information about the recall.

FDA annoucements


Menu Foods





Nutro Foods







PDF file of recalled foods


USA Today


Pet Food Express

Natura Pet Products

Pet Connection

I think these are most of the links that have been posted in the recall thread. Feel free to add others. At this point it's critical that we have the most current information about the recalled foods.
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