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Need some vibes please.

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I am sorry for not being on the forums for the past few days, but I have come down with the flu, and I feel like &%$@..I have been in bed for the past 48 hours..drinking lots of fluids, and trying to keep my fever down...
I just want to get over this...

BTW-I got the flu shot, and still got it.....

Thanks everyone.
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I feel where your coming from I have had a low grade fever for a week and have been the walking, working dead at work for that entire time. I need some sick time.

<<<<<VIBES>>>>>> Feel better soon.
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from afar. Get well soon, Monica! We got a two hour AI tomorrow nite, we need ya!
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Thanks guys, I am going back to bed now....
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If you got the shot and still got it, that means they didn't pick the right strains for this year.
I hope you feel better soon. I've know it must be awful and that your body must ache all over!
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I haven't it in years but I know the flu is no fun. I hope you get better soon! *vibes*
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I hope you feel better soon!
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Special North Texas vibes are now coming your way!
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some warming get well soon (((((( vibes )))))) whizzing over from Spain
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That really sucks getting it so late-isn't flu season over by now???
Sending feel better soon vibes!!
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That's awful that you should get the flu even after taking the proper precautions! Sending you some get well VERY soon vibes! {{{{{}}}}}}
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Monica, my grandfather was a drinking man, and he truly beleived if you had a shot of whisky a day, it would cure anything ailing you! Perhaps you should give it a try! Feel better soon!
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Thank you everyone...I feel slightly better today...but still having the aches, fevers, and cough...You guys are great..
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Glad you feel better{{{{}}}}

P.S. the flu shot doesn't do anything IMO
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Sorry you haven't been feeling well, Monica! The flu really sucks, doesn't it! Stay in bed, get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and for a real hilarious pick-me-up watch American Idol!
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