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Up to the challenge? PART 2  

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This is part two of this thread:

Recap: We want to get the Samoa story out to the press. For that we need to access as many journalists and reporters as possible - only those that cover animal related issues. So, here's how I was going to go about finding them -

1. Visit the website of a newspaper (any newspaper)
2. Run a search for "cats" and "pets" on their website to track down the relevant articles.
3. Then get the name and email of the repoter

Now, here's the thing - there are thousands and thousands of them out there! And this is where I could really use your help!

As several of you have so kindly offered to help - Yola came up with this great idea of making this team effort into a thread which will help everyone keep track of things and be generally fun too. To add to the fun, when we finish we will have a draw and one of the members who joined in the effort will be awarded with a special warm Snuggle Kitty to keep her or his cat warm this winter!

In the previous thread I gave links to 170 newpapers in Alabama - California. We also have Jeanie working on Pennsylvenia and Heidi on Colorado.

If you want to join in, just post and tell me which "chunk" you want to do. I will then mark it down as "taken". Post here with your questions, feedback, comments - anything.

Please email me with your chunk info in seperate lines for each reporter containing the following information:

Reporter's name, reporter's email, newspaper's name, newspaper's web address

That's all I need - if you want, feel free to add you comments at the end of the email.

We stopped at Chunk #017 and now I am continuing, so please "sign up" for your chunk!
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Chunk #018 (DONE)

Chunk #019 (DONE)

Chunk #020 (DONE)


Chunk #021 (DONE)


Chunk #022 (DONE)

Chunk #023 (DONE)

Chunk #024 (DONE)

Chunk #025 (DONE)

Chunk #026 (DONE)

Chunk #027 (DONE)
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Anne - any Canadian papers? Do you want me to do a search on them if you don't have the names of them? Or did you just want the info for the USA?
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Chunk #028 (DONE)


Chunk #029 (DONE)


Chunk #030 (DONE)

Chunk #031 (DONE)


Chunk #032 (DONE)

Chunk #033 (DONE)

Chunk #034 (DONE)

Chunk #035 (DONE)

Chunk #036 (DONE)
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Chunk #037 (DONE)

Chunk #038 (DONE)

Chunk #038 (DONE)

Chunk #039 (DONE)

Chunk #040 (DONE)

Chunk #041 (DONE)


Chunk #042 (DONE)

Chunk #043 (DONE)

Chunk #044 (DONE)

Chunk #045

Chunk #046$sch=HomePage?HomePage
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I am going to do the Canadian as well You don't have to wait for me though - all I'm doing is copying links from the google directory.

If you like, please follow this link:

Just let me know how far you want to go with this page - I am only doing the chunks thing to avoid people working on the same newspapers.

Anyone who wants to do the UK:

Thanks again everyone!
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I will do the 92 in Ontario!
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I would be happy to do West Virginia!!!
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I am in the middle of Ontario under the Canadian listings - I will send what I have and continue tomorrow!
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Thanks Nicki!

Here's the page for West Virginia:
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I am having a little trouble with finding the info but I think I have it covered.

I have emailed a letter to each of the editors asking for the information.

I have already received some responses and very interested ones at that.

As soon as I have all the info, it will be on its way to you!!
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I am going to do the 85 in British Columbia (Canada)!

If that's OK of course!
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Sure, CCL - BC is for you

Thank you! Nicki, I wonder what those editors are saying... thanks!
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If there's no info available except the e-mail address for the paper, do you want that? If there's no address available, do you want that recorded?
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Done and sent up to St. Catharines- will finish (I hope) Ontario on Monday and go to the next province!
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Anne, I will start with chunk #42 in Iowa if it isn't taken, and if I get through that I will continue on with the next chunk in Iowa, and so on. I will be home tomorrow and should have a few hours online to get started on this!!!!
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Anne, I am sending Pennsylvania p. 3 incomplete. I lost most of my work and had to redo it when the computer froze up. I spent a couple of hours trying to boot up again. I redid it, and will try to do more, but if I disappear for a few days, you'll know the computer is in the shop.
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Okay, I finally got through all of chunk #42 in Iowa...I don't know if I was much help, but I did get a few names for you, I will e-mail them to you! I don't know when I will have time to do any more for awhile, but if I get time, I will do more in Iowa. I know next weekend I will have some free time as well! Hope I have helped a little.
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I just sent you a PM, but in case you didnt get it, I found another paper in AZ, which is mostly for the east valley:
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Ok - I'm opening the third thread:

and closing this one for now.
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