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Introducing a new cat

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First of all, I'm not certain this is the right forum for this post, so if it's not please move it to its appropriate place.

Anyways, I have 1 cat currently a 5 year old female, Luna, and I have been thinking about adopting another cat as a companion for her (maybe he or she can also give her some exercise when the humans aren't around.) I've read the how-tos on introducing one cat to another but I do have a few concerns.

1.What if they don't get along at all? How would I help them at least tolerate one another?

2. Is there any way tell if my cat would work out with another cat?

3. What are some experiences you guys have had that may help me in my decision.

4. Lastly, any other tips you have would be great. Thanks.
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I can only say that it's best to go for the full separate-room introductions. I've done it both ways, and it's fine if they get along right away, but a disaster if they don't. Being properly introduced with increase your chances of them getting along.

Feliway worked well for us to help Sparkle and Lily tolerate each other. I was not able to introduce them properly at first (Lily was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband and we had a full house during the holidays that year).

Moving always helps the cats get along (new territory and the only familiar thing is each other) but that's not always an option. Good luck!
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Well, you forgot both! I have been successful in the past as well as sorry for! The successful one was my Cleo, older and kitten Pandi, 6 weeks. My regret was Pandi at 5 years and a kitten! Who would have thought, I found another home for the kitten, Pandi was just to miserable and that was not my intention. I look back on my kitties at the time and see their personality differences.
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When I wanted to get a kitten, I was very worried about how my cat Eponine would react (she is a VERY shy and anxious cat). I followed the advice that I found here: and things went great. Just be patient, follow the steps appropriately, and things will work out great!
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Thank you for all the help so far.

One more question: would it be all right to introduce a new cat *after* i move into a new place. (once Luna gets settled that is)?
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I'm thinking it's probably better to introduce the new kitten a good bit after Luna is settled in to the new place. Moving and adding a new pet can be like traumas for cats, so it's best to space them out so that your sweet girl is not overwhelmed (that could lead to all sorts of behavioral problems, such as spraying and aggeression).
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Yeah that sounds like a good idea. There are always good kitties looking for homes so I can probably wait a while. =) THanks for all the advice.
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Is she a Russian Blue? It looks like it from the picture. I just introduced a new 13 week old female Russian Blue to my 21 month old Russian Blue boy.

I did the blanket trick for about a day to exchange their smells. She seemed to get comfortable really quick and he didn't get the least bit concerned when he smelled her. So I opened the door he saw her, hissed and ran. The next day, about 48 hours after getting her she was ready to explore so I let her out. He followed her everywhere, some hissing. By the end of the first week there was no more hissing, they'd even lay together on my lap at the end of the first week.

It's been less than 2 weeks. They're not sleeping together yet alone (although I've seen her try, he just gets up and moves), but they'll both lay on my lap if there's room. They're not grooming each other but I have seen them exchange licks, especially when laying close. They play a lot, which is great.... I don't feel like I'm the sole entertainment anymore. The play leads to more sleep and less apparent boredom. Today I had to lock the new kitten up for a few minutes because she was in the way, he definitely seemed upset when he couldn't find her.

Glad I got a second, I think it's better for him and me!
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Thanks for the reassurance. I am not sure if I would try to introduce a kitten or an adult cat that the shelter lists as "likes cats." Would either one be an easier introduction? I'm supposing that it would depend on the cat. I do know from my boyfriend's roommate's kitten that she's a *little* bit destructive (OK, a lot so. She tore a map off the wall ones. haha) so that is why I am not sure that I would be able to deal with a kitten right now. If I were to get a kitten, would there be any way to curb her destructive habits while the humans were away?

By the way, Yes, I *think* Luna is a Russian Blue, though I got her at the shelter. Sometimes I think she has some Siamese in her because she likes to climb and meows lots. =)
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I don't know if I just got a really good kitten or if having a friend is keeping her busy (or both), but she's been a lot less trouble than when I had my first.

I read, when I was shopping for a breed, that the Russian Blue was threated to extinction during WW2 and they used Siamese blood to bring them back, so I think all Russian Blue's share Siamese traits... I know mine do too.

Here's a picture of them today, about 10 days after they first met (hopefully the link works I'm not too savvy with posting pictures).

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Aww, they are absolutely adorable!!! And they do look like they're getting along quite well. I will definately keep all this in mind when I start looking for a new friend.
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