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Can You Explain this Behaviour?

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Why would this cat want to be spanked?
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I have NO idea - its totally off the wall! Maybe the cat was into S&M in another life?
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That reminds me of my respiratory therapy I used to have to do for my lungs (now I have a "vest" and compressor machine that does it for me ) ! If someone wasn't beating the tar out of me to clear my lungs, it would feel good! Kinda like the old movies where they are getting a massage, and they "karate chop" the person's back (but with 2 flat, cupped hands )? Oh, that video is too funny!
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I once knew a sheltie that loved getting spankins.
She would back up to you and rub her rump on you until you complied.
She was so bad, the fur on her rump was permanantly flat.
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Spanking her butt was the one thing to guarantee my Alley getting her claws out, lol. Weird video
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This is almost too silly to comment on. Anyway, the cat seems quite excited by this and enjoying it.
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I absolutely LOVE that video. Wickett is a "spank me" kitty. The harder and faster I spank the more he likes it. I don't understand it but I've met other cats like that and as long as they enjoy it I think it's funny.
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well, I wasnt sure what I was about to see, also when I read your intro under the video about some of the other things you have done - must say not impressed about the duck tape thing I was getting more and more worried and ready to 'report' this to our mods.

I watched and I couldnt believe that your cat actually came to you for the little spank session and even gave you some cuddles

So ........ final thoughts ......... weird, just weird
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