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Cat meowing.....

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I have a beautiful boy named PHX. He is the greatest cat in the world. You know I don't have any big problems with him. He doesn't pee on my stuff, he uses the kitty litter box, eats regularly, purrs, loves attention, doesn't eat human food, doesn't claw at furniture too much. Sounds like a great cat huh? Well, I wanna know why he MEOWS ALOT! He meows when I'm at work during the day, and when I'm trying to sleep! What is up? I give him plenty of toys, food, water, clean kitty litter box and plenty of attention. How can I get him to shut up? He is part Siamese.... I know that has something to do with this. But I don't care- I just want him to be quiet!!!
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Anytime you have a siamese/oriental cat or a mix, you will have a loud, talkative cat. There is nothing you can do to keep him quiet.

You might consider adopting a quietier cat to keep him company - he probably is looking for a playmate.
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Right on target, both counts!
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A friend will definitely help, but you do need to realise he will never be a quiet cat.

One of mine is meant to have some siamese in him, he is very very loud. That's just the way it is, we enjoy having conversations with him
He did quiet down some once he wasn't an only cat, but he's just a talker.
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I agree that getting another kitty to keep him company might help alleviate it. It makes me sad that he meows all day while you're at work. It does make me think he is lonely. Two cats, after the initial introductory period, really aren't more work than one. My first cat I had as a single cat. For twenty years she never shut up. I swore I would never have a single cat again.
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When Humphrey first came to me I just could not believe how much he could talk! He still does it now but you know its his personality and he makes everyone laugh and it would not be the same without him. He has siamese in him.
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If he's got Siamese in him, that's your answer. Although he may be lonely while you are at work, getting him a playmate will be unlikely to stop the noise - but he will be making noise for different reasons maybe.

Of my 2 cats, Radar (cornish rex/siamese/dsh cross) is quite a quiet cat, he only miaows occasionally but he does make a lot of trilling, chirping, beeping, and cooing noises.

Sonic on the other hand is an Oriental Shorthair and he shares every last thought that goes through his head with anyone who happens to be within earshot! The only time he is not loudly grumbling/yelling/yowling is when he is asleep. That is fairly typical of Siamese/Oriental cats.
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I have a DSH tortie who does NOT shut up. I love it.

I figured it was just part of her tortitude.

Actually, we have found a few ways to quiet her down. Mostly, we've figured out a routine for her - after we wake up in the morning, my fiance' MUST pet her, first thing. That quiets and calms her down quite a bit. It took some time paying attention to her routine of when she talked (she does talk constantly, but at certain times, it's much more or louder than others), but when we give her crazy amounts of petting at those especially loud times, it quiets her down.

For a few minutes, at least.
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My last cat was a Siamese mix, and she didn't meow excessively at all. Hmm.

Mi-ke and I just got back from the vet, and one of the women there thought she was a boy for a second because of her meow. But there's a big difference between a normal meow and a vet meow. Even the sweetest, most ladylike cat can sound like a demon cast into the abyss.
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You all had really good answers!

I have noticed that the only times PHX meows, and I mean REALLY MEOWS!!!! Is #1 when we are at work #2 when I'm sleeping #3 when I first get home from work

So here's what I'm doing to solve it:
#1 I bought tons of toys for him to play with while I'm gone- it helps a little but not ALOT. Also, when I go out of town for the weekends I'm going to have my neighbor come over and play with him occasionally so he doesnt feel "alone"

#2 Before I go to bed me and my boyfriend MUST play fetch with him to get him wore out. Then I carry him up to bed with us, because he's too tired to walk.Yeah, I know, I spoil him!

#3 I know when I first get home from work he MEOWS SO LOUD- but i think it's so cute because he's just telling us that he misses us. So. the first thing I do when I get home is NOT take off my shoes or start cooking supper. I have to first sit down and pet PHX for at least 10minutes before I can do anything. I think PHX kind of made up this rule! lol

- On a side note. Some of you said to get him a friend. I have another cat that's in Iowa right now and I'm trying to get him out here and then I'll have 2 cats, but I'm just waiting until I can get my other little baby with me. I've had him for almost 3 years and when I moved from Iowa to Arizona I couldn't bring him with me so my mom's been caring for him since I wouldn't give him away to anyone else! So hopefully soon I'll be getting him soon. Then I'll be talking about my baby phx and my baby chewy

Well- just wanted to let you know what's going on!!!
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I have a really noisy cat too who greets me when I come home with loud meows of happiness, when I wake up, and while I am going to bed, or if I shut her out of a room (like taking a shower or using the bathroom) she also is very vocal and attempts to join me by doing her best to open the door. I can train my dogs, but I am clueless when it comes to her. Exercise doesn't help, but she enjoys it. Giving attention does help the most, but I feel it is rewarding her and she is training me, but that is just the way it is with her, lol.
She just like to "talk". So I started talking back sometimes. I figure why not? She enjoys it. I thought that might help, but it didn't. She demands and loves lots of attention.
Having other animals around might help, but then again, some cats are just plain vocal and there is not a lot you can do about it.
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Yeah, Siamese talk like nobody's business. Maine Coons can be very vocal, too.
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