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This cat's a genius!

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I was overwhelmed when Myah began to play fetch. It became burdensome as she made every moment a play time. We did our best to hold her interest. Then came the heat shrink tubes. She took these straws in her mouth end wise and shot them along the floor stabbing them into everything. She graduated to the polycarbonate rod. She'll take one of those and spin with it till she falls down, Then you can watch her try and re fix her focus by righting her line of sight back and forth. Now she has learned to dribble the ball. I'm not talking about just once. She'll start in the kitchen and you can hear her coming. Into the parlor she emerges bouncing the ball in her right paw. She'll whack it down and reach up high and grab it and whack it down again. All while she is running forward. she never misses. Now we try to "set her up" for the dribble but she has not been able to do it on cue yet.
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ok, Pixel can fetch, but none of mine can dribble! congratulations on having such a talented kitty!
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Call David Letterman!
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I think that you need to rename Myah to Einstein!
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They always say the geniuses are trouble!
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