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Newly Spayed Kitty

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I just had Gracie spayed Thursday and unfortunately she was in heat when they spayed her. Her heat cycle was so unpredictable and I was on a limited schedule with work, so I had no choice. She seems to be doing fine now. The first couple of days (when she wasn't being concerned with why she had stitches) she acted like she was in heat a couple of times, but I'm sure it was just her hormones calming back down. She's staying with my parents now and she seems to be fine (except for being overly attracted to her stitches - but we've got that taken care of), but I was wondering if there were any possible side effects or complications from spaying her while she was in heat? I've only ever had 1 other female cat and she wasn't in heat when we spayed her. Thanks so much!!

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Hey Melissa
You know I asked the very same question a couple of days ago. I think its posted on page 2, the title is 'Neutering Question'.
I had booked my cat in to be spade and was concerned as well. She was done today and it seems that she wasnt in heat afterall. Hopefully the answers people shared with me will help.
Al the best to Gracie x
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There aren't any side effects or complications w/ spaying while in heat that I know of. My Pixel was spayed while in heat, and she recovered as well and as quickly as her sisters did.

I believe that spaying a dog while in heat is more of an issue than a cat.
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