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How long after milk starts coming out of a pregnant cats teet can you expect kittens?
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this can happen up to 2 weeks before she is due to have them , some cats it can be withen 24 hours , it really depends on the cat. do you have any idea when she got pregnant?
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she is not my cat she is a barn cat of a friend of mine, she is only 14 and her parents refuse to spay the cat, she has no idea when she got pregnant but today she expressed milk from her.
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she can expect kittens at any time then , sorry i cant be much help , has she tried to set up a box outside atall ?
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For my queens, I could never get milk out of them till 48 hrs from delivery.
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see with anne , she had milk 10 days before she gave birth, and was very full. so now i would never go by when there milk comes in lol
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Dee Dee's mammory glands were really full all the way upto the day she gave birth but i was never able to express any. In the last 2 hours before delivery her milk really started to come in. So you are right Tasha it wasnt reliable for me either
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Skittles was like 5 or 6 days before birth. Some it is at birth or after birth. Every mom is different.
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