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What do you do when you get up ?

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When I get up, I usually grab my cat in the arms and greet her by giving her a bunch of kisses on the cheek and the forehead. She simply loves it ! She then becomes a real purring engine !
And you ?

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The first thing I do is sit on the floor next to my bed and call Ivo. I spend 5 or 10 minutes talking to her, petting her and telling her how much I love her. All she does is sit there and purr and enjoy it Then, I have to feed her (and pet her some more) before I even think of taking a shower or making coffee.
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go pee...... (TMI)

then walk down the stairs, with Cooper a foot
she runs to the pantry. I take out her food
and she eats breafast (I ususally go back up to bed!)
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As soon as my feet hit the floor, I feed the kitties their breakfast and turn on the coffeepot. After they eat, we sit for a petting and play session while I have coffee and watch the news. It's a nice way to start the day.
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Well I better know what I should be doing when I get up! There is usualy no less than four greeters and 3 dogs in bed with me. The cats make sure I am alive, and if not they will need to find a replacement to be sure their cans of wet food are open.
After feeding them I am allowed to go pee and make my way for the day.
They trained me well~

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I usually push three or four cats off the covers so I can get out of bed and go straight to the food bowls. If they don't eat first thing I'm given the cold shoulder for most of the morning. Once they are fed I can fix breakfast for the rest of the family!
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You mean after cursing at my alarm?
I stumble downstairs, feed kitties, make coffee and try to wake up. Sometimes the cats are upstairs sleeping with us, sometimes they are already awake and waiting for breakfast.
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I ignore the alarm until Brian gets up and hits the snooze button. Then it's a matter of letting the dogs out, feeding the cats, feeding the dogs and feeding myself.
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Snuggle Merlin as he comes up just as the alarm goes off. Greet the other cats. Feed and water and clean the litter box. Get ready to go to work hug kitties goodbye!
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So Ady, what exactly do you feed the litter box?

I'm actually allowed to get ready myself first thing in the morning. The kitties are already up and enjoying the view out the windows, especially if the birds are in the trees. Lately, Trent has been nudging his way into the bathroom after I shower, usually sometime between brushing teeth and putting on makeup. Then of course, I have to say good morning and give him his loves.

Ophelia I think has learned to tell time. She gets up and leaves sleeping with me about 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. She doesn't like the alarm.
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Originally posted by adymarie
Feed and water and clean the litter box.
Heidi - doh! Feed and water the CATS and then clean their litter box.
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My pair are pretty good, in the mornings. Opie is a late sleeper and is, usually, curled up in his LaZBoy, when I get up. Rowdy comes running into the bathroom and rolls over to get her belly rubbed. Ike is, always, out on the patio. He wants to dip his nose into my coffee.

Bill gets early-morning wake-ups. At about 3:30, Rowdy starts playing with his hair. He's tried to explain to her about waiting until the alarm goes off but, she's not getting it.
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Having owned my Raggie for not quite two weeks now, my routine is just becoming, well, routine.

When I get up, I scuff my feet to the kitchen, so as not to step on the Raggie running all around them. Then I wash/ fill his food/ water dishes. Finally, I distract him with a toy, as I run into the bathroom to get ready.

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I must be lucky. I free-feed, so I don't have to feed mine in the mornings! My alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button, but don't go back to sleep because my furbabies are pounding on the door and making a ruckus (We've had to shut them out of the bedroom to get any sleep! Now that Mike's out of work, can work on letting them in.) I shuffle into the shower and start that, Mike lets them into the bedroom, I curl up with them for 5 mins or so while shower warms up. after shower, I have to try to keep them out of shower while I dry off, get dressed, etc.
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LOL! What a fun thread!

The "kids" are usually bounding around the living room playing when we wake up (if we're working from home). So when we wake up, I head straight for the kitchen, try not to step on them while I get the light on. (We live in an R.V., so the living room is 25 feet from the bedroom, and the kitchen is inbetween!)

They DON'T want hugs and kisses when they're in "play" mode. !!!!!!

Lazlo makes crazy-eights through my legs and talks like we're starving him while I get breakfast ready for them. Shelly just sits there like a good boy looking up at me like "Well - how long is it going to take today?"

We leave dry food out for them all day, and feed them wet food like a treat in the a.m. and p.m. But the only part they like is the gravy, so we mix several tablespoons of water with each bowl to make a "yummy" soup (not!).

When they lick up their gravy, Gary dumps the leftover into bowls he's making for the outside cats . In the meantime, I clean the litterbox while they're slurping up their soup (it's much better than having them come climb all over me to see what I'm doing to the litterbox. It's been four months since they've moved inside and started using a litterbox, and they're still obsessed! ).

Then while Gary showers I make the bed and move all the cat toys, bags and boxes in there, so that we can have the living room to work. I play with them for a bit, then shower. Then we're ready to begin the day! (Our breakfast...)

(We snuggle with the kitties when they're ready to poop out for the day - usually around 11:00am or noonish - unless we actually had to go to the office, then we grab them despite the "play mode" and give them each a kiss before we take off! :tounge2: ).
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Ooops. Forgot to mention. The very first thing I do, besides trying not to step on the cats when I get out of bed, is to pick up anything we forgot to put away that got shredded by Shelly during the night. When we forget to put the whole roll of paper towels into the microwave before going to sleep, there's usually a whole roll of paper towel snow to clean up.
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I usually sleep with the covers over my face in the mornings. (Bedroom window faces east.) Today Tatum has figured out how to pull the covers off my face to say "Good Morning!" So much for sleeping past dawn!!
Oh well, it's bath day for them anyway. I'll post photos if you want?

Hope you are having a fun weekend everyone!
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Oh. I also forgot to mention. When we leave the house for the day, I make sure to unplug the printer. They've figured out how to turn it on and repeatedly hit the paper feed. And Shelly just decided several days ago that plain paper is fair game for shredding in addition to the paper towels and kleenex.

...and DragonLady, TCS LOVES pictures! I'd post 'em in a new thread, but post away!!!!

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First thing in the morning I have to feed the cats or else I would get no peace.As soon as I get up they miow and run ahead of me to the kitchen where they sit at there dishes looking up at me till the food arrives.They have me so well trained.
Purrs Veronica
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This morning, I woke with what sounded like a Mack truck in my bed. Rowdy was snuggled up, tight against me, purring her little head off. Beats an alarm clock, any day!
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The first thing I do when I wake up is say to myself, "I don't feel like it". Then I realize I have no choice (Monday-Friday) and roll over...snuggle Mike a little, snuggle Jedi a little and then stumble into the kitchen to start the brew.

Jedi will usually follow me in after a minute or two and so then he gets his food and water. Then I head off to the shower.

After 15 minutes of soaking my head...I get out, grab a cup of java and go into the bedroom and wake up my honey. Then it's the ritual of getting ready for work. BLAH!

Once I am ready...I play with Jedi for 10-15 with Mike while we drink a cup of coffee...and then off to hell, er, um, I mean work.

Then spend 8 hours cursing and looking at the clock......
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first go potty, then make coffee. while coffee's a brewing clean out the litter box. make sure cats food bowl is full. which i usually refill befor i go to bed. get my coffee and go to computer. enjoy about 30 minutes of computer time then get daughter up and ready for school. this is soon to change though. i'm gonna look for a job for extra cash. just something part time.
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I know it's time to wake up when Ferdy (who usually sleeps on the sofa in our bedroom) notices Ken has got up and schlepps over onto the bed. He then HAS to lie on my chest with his face in my face. Hmm kitty-morning-breath - lovely

Then Balie will sit by the bed and wail his head off. Ferdy will jump off the bed at that point and Balie will jump on for purrings and snuggles (he is the cuddliest of my cats).

I then get up, go down to the bathroom, at which point I'm met by Fifi on the stairs. She will wiggle and squeek and follow me into the bathroom. She MUST sit on my lap when I'm having a pee (sorry).

Then it's down into the kitchen in the basement for the feeding frenzy. Oh, and the litter tray frenzy. They obviously save it all up during the night (ahh. Must be scared to go downstairs on their own), they literally fight each other to get into the 2 litter trays, which are big and can easily hold all 3 cats.

Then the food bowls go down (Balie has to have his on the table - AND won't eat out of the bowl, but I have to put the biscuits by the side of the bolw for him. Peace at last!
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First thing, as soon as I roll out of bed,. is to gather enough energy to make it down stairs and iron clothes for my boyfriend. :goodbad: I work 12 hrs a day five days a week, other wise I'd do it at night!I'd rather spend time at night playing with my girls. On my way to the basement, I talk to and pet each cat on the way down the stairs. After I've finished everyone else's needs, I have just enough time to get myself together and run out the door to warm up the car. We have to be at work at 7 A.M.! I never even get to see the bathroom! We live with a roommate who works at the same place. He wakes up early and gets to the bathroom first. He takes a 1/2 hr shower. When he's done my boyfriend (Shawn)gets up and takes his shower.Shawn is one of those guys who has to pick at every little hair to make sure it's in place. He has really long hair that he has to tie back. It would be better if they took thier showers at night but they won't That's not the crazy part thought! As soon as I get to work, my boss starts on me and whines and I have to go buy coffee for him (he takes 12 packets of sugar and 2 french vanilla creamers) and get a Mountain Dew for Shawn. Then I have to feed my bosses cat. Everyone wants something form me as soon as I get there!
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My morning routine is just that....routine.

I start the morning off by giving hubby a little elbow jab. He lets the alarm go off at least 3 times before finally turning it off! Drives me crazy!!! Then, it's off to the bathroom for a pee and to splash a little water on my face. Then, and only then do I wake up. I stumble to the kitchen (hey...isn't that a song???) and trip over Whiskers most of the way. Feed her and give her a treat. Then it's time to tackle the lunches. Hubby is the first one out the door (around 6:30am). I wake the kids up at around 6:45am. Get them their breakfast, I jump in the shower. Get the boys dressed and ready for school. Iron whatever I need ironed (unless I was wise enough to prepare my clothes the night before). Get dressed, kiss the boys good-bye, watch them leave for school and then I'm off to work...where I take a nap (kidding! )
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Usually I hack up a fur ball. My cat has got so much fur it's everywhere. After all night of breathing that fur it's a full blown attack by morning.

I shaved him bald back in May but it's all back now and looks like double the fur now.

But I still love the lil monster.:tounge2:
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well, when I finally wake up late in the afternoon (I work nights) I usually have one cat on my feet and one cat curled beside my belly. I'll grab the one that's closest and kiss and hug until she gets sick of me and runs away, then I grab the other one and hug and kiss and blow kisses on his tummy until he's purring like mad and I fall back asleep. Later, I then push him aside and trip over them both all the way to the dish where I feed them. Then go back to bed.:tounge2:
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