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My mother was afraid of snakes too. I'm only afraid of deformed ones or ones that can actully hurt you. The rest are neat in my opinion. Hopefully you wont see anymore snakes. My mother saw a big bull snake when she was a girl and it gave her the fear you have. I've never had a bad experense with snakes. Though the deformed ones creep me out.
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ICK! Yuck Gross!!!

I HATE snakes. I shouldn't have even looked at this thread. Now I'm going to dream about snakes.
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As a child my mother loved snakes. What she liked even more was finding one of the big harmless snakes (garder? sp?) and wearing it around her neck to frighten her older sisters. They still talk about that to this day. None of her kids are afraid of snakes We all have a healthy respect for the creepy-crawlies of the world. I usually feel sorry for the creepies because most people fear them and think they are ugly without ever learning much about them.

However, I do have what I call unreasonable fears, too. Just not about critters Mine are public speaking - as in more than 3 people as an audience. And, a big ol' social phobia. I would be more comfy with bugs and snakes than a room full of people. Yes, I know - weird.
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Same here. I know that one way to tell a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake is by their pupils. Venomous snakes have slit pupils...non venomous have round pupils. However...I never want to get close enough to one to make sure...not while they're alive that is.

I know you're upset that my son shot the snake today...but I'm not...he's my hero He actually felt bad about it since he wanted a pet snake when he was younger. My daughter, Naomi, also felt sorry for the snake. That being said...they know how their mother feels about snakes and so for this reason they knew that I would have been a worse mess than I am now had the snake lived. Sorry that this upsets you Panther, but snakes are about the only thing that I truly fear...venomous or non. Its called ophidiophobia and I've suffered from it for many, many years.

Me too Hilda, I am absolutely scared to death of snakes, I just don't see how I could take the time to identify what kind it is. There are also poisonous snakes where we live. I think like you do, kill it and then worry about it.
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The snakes would be safe from me - before it turned it's little head I would be about a mile down the road!
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