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Kitten hernias advice and help!

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Hi all.I wondered if any of you out therre new about hernias in kittens.You see I am thinking of aquiring one from a breeder.All seems well and she would appear to be loved looked after and so on.She was operated on immediately and I am told she will be fine without future implications.I googled this and did not get much info,so I wondered if anyone had any further info,experience or advice on this matter.And also as to whether I am doing the right thing.
1)will the kitten have problems in the future
2)Will we need to handle her with care
3)Would it be safe if her and my 1yr old cat are play fighting as they do

Thank you all out there,hope it was a nice monday start
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My Ginger had a belly button hernia that was fixed when she was spayed at 4 months old. Once she healed, we have had ZERO problems.

I would suggest that if she is not yet fully healed that you curtail too much physical activity, but if she is all healed up, there would be no precautions to take at all.
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Radar had an umbilical hernia, it was fixed at the same time he was neutered at 6 months old. It didn't cause him any problems while he had it, he recovered from the operation fine, and doesn't have ongoing problems as a result. Once the incision has healed they can be treated and handled just the same as any other cat

ETA: I have edited most of my original post because I realise that you are talking about a female kitten and the hernia has already been fixed so a lot of what I said was irrelevant - I've had a long day at work and obviously didn't read your post properly first time - my apologies
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Thank you Epona and Gingers mum for your replies.It makes me feel so much better.
Also because hopefully I wll be able to give the creature a home.Im so excited that the door is now open
Thanks again!!!
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I'm a little late, but wanted to add this. Fafeena is 13 years old(turns 14 this summer). She was spayed. She then had a hernia. The vet fixed the hernia, only for her to develop another one shortly after surgery. He then did another surgery to fix that one. Yeah....she developed another hernia within days of coming home. She just keeps on developing hernias. That was one year ago. She's living with the hernia just fine.
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Hernias differ in type and risk. My Persil had a diaphragmatic hernia that caused her diaphragm to rupture completely when she was around five months old, and she nearly died with all her organs crowding up in her chest. She was operated on (vet gave her a 10-15% chance) and had to be kept quiet for a few weeks afterwards. Now though, two years later, she is completely well and leads a normal life, apart from some slightly loud breathing at times which the vet says is nothing to worry about. So almost any type of hernia can be treated.
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well thank you all again.I am goung to visit the little one in2 weeks.I just ant wait!!!
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