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Vibes for Bobber please

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I haven't been on all day as this morning I dropped Bobber off at the vet for the removal of her cysts/lumps. I wasn't getting a call and was getting rather worried about complications. Then of course the vet called. She is ok but they are sending the lumps out for histology as he didn't like want he saw under the microscope. Not saying that they are (esp the one under her armpit) he wants them checked for sure. I should know more by the end of the week.
I have to bring her in next week to check on the healing and then the following week for stitch removal. One the good side they did a complementary teeth cleaning!! Neil wasn't happy about the extra $$$ for the test as he said what if its cancerous then what-I said we will deal with it when the time comes.
So a few vibes that the lump/tumor thingy is bengin.
I'm going to get her in a couple of hours and she has to be confined to inside (oh boy!!)
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Oh Gail, many vibes for your sweet Bobber getting a clean bill of health
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Sending vibes and to you and Bobber.
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Lots of )))vibes((( for Bobber and for you, hope she is not too unhappy at being confined.
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Benign, benign, benign, benign, benign...

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This is going to drive me crazy waiting!!! I will try not to think about it though.
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OH hon, I hope they are benign. Poor kitty. Keep us posted... Many vibes for good luck coming your way!!!!!
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lots of vibes for good results {{{}}}}
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and positive vibes! Please keep us updated!
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lots of positive vibes whizzing across from Spain
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Lots of good vibes for your baby
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Gail, I am so sorry to hear this about poor Bobber. I can only imagine how hard it must be having to wait on such news. Many vibes coming his (and your) way .
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I have her home from the vet-she didn't like being confined to one room and was runny around like crazy so I let her go upstairs -she hid briefly under bed but now back downstairs by sofa giving evil looks!!
We have to pill her twice/day-which she already doesn't like pills!!
Plus if she chews on stitches I have to collar her or put on a baby onsie (anyone every do that??)
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Sending hugs and prayers from Mississippi for you and Bobber, please let us know how she is doing.
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Poor Bobber - Lucy gave me some problems with the collar but I won out.

I know Heather (LookingGlass) did get a onesie for Dr Claw and I think she cut the bottom off.

Good Luck
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Poor Bobber! It's going to be a long week for you.
Here's {{{{vibes}}}} that the tumor is benign.
I would imagine the collar would be easier than getting on the onesies? But I don't have actual experience with either.
Good luck with the pilling! Have you ever used Pill Pockets? I found them very effective.
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Sending many good vibes for excellent lab results
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