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Clearing out clothes

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So what do you do when you have a clear out of your clothes ?

The Spanish dont really have Charity shops, we do have an English one locally that raises money for a British run dog & cat rescue centre, so I always take my stuff there so I feel that always go to good use.
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I donate all my gently-worn clothing (and household items) to women's shelters.
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i rarely do this really, I wear things till they have holes in them my mom and sister give me their clothes when they clean out their closets, reminds me, my mom said she had clothes to look thru
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When I do, I give them to John's mom who gets good use out of them, and what she doesn't keep, she gives to a family friend who gets really good use out of them Of course they aren't dirty/torn, they are just clothes that I have outgrown... err... or they shrunk
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I sell them on eBay if I think they'll sell, or give them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.
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I donate all my clothes to our Benevolent Society. It's a place that gives clothes to families that cannot afford to buy them. The people show the volunteers proof of their income and then they get to "take" as much as they are allowed by the amount they make I think.
I respect them because some people really CAN'T afford clothes in this town and the Salvation Army charges for clothes, and other items and I don't think that's right. If people really can't afford clothes, they should be able to get them for their families without having to worry about whether or not to eat or get them school clothes.
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I check to see if my sister wants any of my things-the good labeled brands go to a consignment shop, the rest to goodwill unless its stained then it gets turned into rags for Neil's workshop or tossed in garbage.
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Clothes that don't fit or haven't been worn in about a year go to the Vietnam Veterans Assoc. Old t-shirts are used as cleaning rags.
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