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so is nutro falsely advertising?

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If they are made At the same Place As special Kitty, Aren't Consumers Being Duped?
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Alot of manfuctures do this. Many of the name brands you buy in the supermarkets are the exacty same generic products you'll find at a discount grocer. Even beer fits into this... Coors light and Keystone light are the exact same beer except for the name and price.
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I honestly don't know. I mean I don't think ingredients labels lie, and do think that this is still the biggest and most important factor in choosing a quality pet food. I don't like to reccomend Nutro as I've never been fond of their ingredients... there are much better foods at the same cost. By no means though, do I think it's on the same level as Special Kitty. Just because certain parts of the food are made at the same place does not mean the foods are the same.
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the ingrediants are different and I am looking into it .. since it seems strange that Nutro SD Iams and eukanuba would be sharing a plant..

I know the dry is made a nutro plant ...
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Is it not possible they are made by the same manufacturer but to different recipe specifications?

I only say that because I know the fudgesicles made here in Ontario for the Eastern Canada locations are very different in texture and flavour than the ones sold here in Ontario. When I first told my husband this he told me I was just remembering things differently from my childhood. On a vist to the east coast I insisted he try one and he now fully agrees they are made differently.

I wonder if this is not the case in a lot of different areas, i.e., I believe one company makes all the refrigerator innards and the only change is the outer shell which then has the company name put on.
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I had a similar thought about Hills.
Everyone says it isn`t good quality but going by what it says on the bag you`d think it was the best your cat could get!
I find the ingredients very confusing and if I hadn`t come on this forum I`d be none the wiser!
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Just because some of the ingredients are made at the same plant doesn't mean the foods are the same.

And some plants are capable of making lots of varieties of pet foods. I've been in a Purina plant.
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